APDV Ignition System

What is APDV by Hero MotoCorps and how it works?

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What is APDV?

APDV stands for Advance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition, which is used in the engine ignition system.

Advance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition System
Advance Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition System

For - Improved burning of the fuel, Better Pick-up & mileage. By - Hero Splendor, Hero Passion

How Advanced Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition works:

Hero MotoCorp has developed the Advanced Pro-Series Digital Variable Ignition technology. This system uses digitally (electronically) controlled variable ignition. Passion XPro implements this technology which controls (varies) the ignition timing digitally with the help of a digital CDI unit and TCI system. Furthermore, it helps to improve the burning of the fuel which results in better pick-up & mileage as claimed by Hero Motocorp.

APDV Engine (Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)
APDV Engine (Courtesy: Hero MotoCorp)

Hero MotoCorp has implemented this engine technology in Hero Splendor, Splendor Pro, Passion Pro, and Splendor NXG bikes.

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