What is CCVTi?

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CCVTi - Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent

The term CCVTi stands for Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent.

CCVTi (Photo Courtesy: TVS)
CCVTi (Photo Courtesy: TVS Motors)

For - Improved combustion & Increase in mileage. By - TVS Flame

How CCVT-i Technology Works?

The Controlled Combustion Variable Timing Intelligent technology is developed by TVS Motors ( and implemented in their bike TVS Flame’s petrol engine. This engine has 3 valves along with a tumble-swirl port. This system helps in achieving improved combustion and increase in mileage.

The CCVT-i features two different intake ports. One id a Swirl Port and the other is a Power Port. The Swirl port creates the swirl motion of the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. This helps in efficient combustion of the lean air-fuel mixture which gives better fuel economy. However, the Power Port provides a high flow rate which helps in delivering higher power output of 10.5 bhp @ 8250rpm according to TVS.

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