Volvo Biogas Truck is here & it’s fascinating!

Volvo Biogas Truck

Volvo Biogas Truck that runs on liquified Biogas

The Swedish automotive giant Volvo recently Launched a truck that runs on liquified Biogas. The Volvo Biogas Truck is a strong gas-powered truck that can carry out demanding tasks like long-distance transportation. Biogas also reduces CO2 emissions drastically.

Biogas Powered Truck
Biogas Powered Truck

Furthermore, the new Volvo biogas truck with Bio LNG can reduce carbon emissions to a much greater extent. The current diesel power trucks are the main culprits in Global climate change. While Biogas can be a great complement to electric transportation, and it can also fulfill the sustainability goals of transport companies. We can use different types of organic waste, like food scrap, to produce Bio LNG, which can reduce carbon emissions by 100 percent.

The Power & Performance

Volvo’s gas-powered trucks like Volvo FM and FH are now getting new power levels of 500 HP. So, this is the latest addition to the existing 420 and 460 engines. In addition, the new technical updates in the engines make them 4% more fuel efficient. Furthermore, the 10% larger gas tanks also mean long range. Hence, you can run nonstop without fuel brakes.

In addition, Volvo biogas truck is more fuel efficient and has performance comparable to diesel counterparts. You can also fuel up as fast as diesel trucks. So, you can save lots of time here.

Biogas Truck Filling Station
Biogas Truck Filling Station

Climate change and solutions

Regarding climate change, no single strategy can work to reduce the climate crisis. So instead, Volvo has three path roadmap that includes battery electric trucks, fuel cell trucks, and combustion engines that run on Biogas, hydrogen, or HVO.

So, multiple ways to tackle climate change can create an impact. In addition, various solutions are needed on the technical front as energy availability and fuel infrastructure differ vastly in multiple regions. Additionally, sometimes the need for transport assignment differs significantly from regular transport.

Furthermore, many efforts are underway to reduce the dependency on fossil LNG. The shift to bio LNG is a significant step towards it. Worldwide, much focus is on Biogas, which can be a future sustainable fuel. New govt policies are also taking shape toward improvement in the production of Biogas. So, much interest and hope are currently on BIO LNG and Volvo biogas truck.

The liquified biogas facts

Bio LNG is liquified Biogas and has immense potential in sustainable transport. The digestion of any organic waste, like food waste and sludge treatment plants, can produce Biogas (biomethane). The governments are supporting bio LNG, and new bio LNG fuel plants are coming up.

In addition, the processing of liquefying Biogas is as same as LNG. However, the process of liquifying Biogas involves cooling down gas to -162 degrees celsius. As a result, the fuel takes up significantly less space. Hence, you can carry more fuel in limited space, increasing overall range.

Volvo biogas truck facts

First, The Volvo FH, FM, and FMX(on request) are available as gas-powered trucks. The power levels include 420, 460, and 500 hp. Bio LNG requires a small amount of diesel to ignite during startup. You can also get a 1000km range after the tank is full.

Furthermore, you will get the same drivability as a diesel truck due to the utilization of the diesel engine’s high efficiency. That makes longer hauling possible with high loads. The new gas-powered Euro6 step E engines are 4% more fuel efficient.

The new gas engines are updated and come with new injectors and pistons. This reduces friction and improves efficiency. In addition, the new variable oil pump, turbo, and crankcase ventilation can handle unfiltered oil.

In conclusion, the Volvo Biogas truck is the new step towards a sustainable future by reducing CO2 emissions and improving efficiency. We are sure this new approach will help reduce climate change’s impact globally.

Image Courtesy: Volvo

Watch the Volvo Bio Gas truck in action:

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