The Volvo zero-emission truck is here

The Volvo zero-emission truck

The fuel cell truck from Volvo

Volvo is a Swedish vehicle manufacturer transforming transportation. The Volvo zero-emission truck is a new truck that runs on Hydrogen using fuel cell technology.

Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell

The Volvo zero-emission truck only emits pure water vapor. The truck also generates electricity on board. Surprisingly the truck has a 1000 km range. This unbelievable feat is only possible due to modern fuel cell technology and Hydrogen.

Furthermore, Volvo currently has a range of trucks that purely runs on electricity and renewable gas such as Biogas. The next product in the portfolio to curb CO2 emissions is fuel cell & hydrogen-powered trucks.


Volvo is very serious about curbing CO2 emissions. Climate change affects the world, and Volvo addresses the issue independently. Combining battery electric and fuel cell technology will eliminate fossil fuels.

The Hydrogen-powered fuel cell trucks are most suitable for long-distance hauling. Additionally, The Volvo zero-emission truck is also ideal for heavy and energy-demanding tasks. The new technology also allows transportation in areas with limited electric charging stations.

The Volvo zero-emission truck Specifications

First of all, the new Volvo zero-emission truck has an almost similar range to the Diesel trucks. However, the 1000-kilometer range and less than 15 minutes of refueling time make this truck more appealing.

The new truck can carry a freight of 65 tons or even higher. In addition, the two fuel cells can generate 300 kW of electricity on board.


The vital advantage of the fuel cell is its ability to generate electricity on board without any external power supply. The only byproduct here is water vapor. This step reduces the carbon footprint and makes net zero emissions a reality.

The added advantage is The Volvo zero-emission truck range. The new truck has a range of 1000 km. So, it needs refueling only after 1000 km. This eliminates the need for frequent charging and avoids charging stations at remote locations.

In conclusion, Volvo’s new truck is still in the early stage of development. But the new technology is promising and will be the next step towards zero emissions. We are sure the Volvo Group will be keen on curbing emissions and bringing new zero-emission products to the market.

Watch the Volvo zero-emission truck here.

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