Bio Gas Powered Bus

Bio Gas Powered Bus: India’s first bio gas powered bus in Kolkata

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In Re. 1 per 17km, this bio gas powered bus is the cheapest way to travel around:

Phoenix India research and development group, one of the company in Kolkata, recently introduced India’s first bio gas powered bus. This bus runs on compressed bio gas manufactured in Gujarat and Birbhum. The company owns two manufacturing units producing 2.7 and 3.7 million cubic meters per annum respectively.

Phoenix India research and development group has a license from petroleum and explosive safety organization. The group is also listed under Ministry of New and Renewable Energy. So, this group is laying the foundation for renewable energy in India through its innovative approach to bio gas.

Mr. Jyoti Prakash Das Is the owner of the company. He has devoted his life to renewable energy since 2009. But, his passion continues and resulted in this green bus. He is also a member of Indian Bio Gas Association (IBA). He wrote a book which got a best seller award from Germany in the field of renewable science.

The group is tying up with bus maker Ashok Leyland to produce more buses at an approximate cost of Rupees 13 lakhs. Cow dung and animal waste are two sources of bio gas. Thus, it mainly consists of methane. Bio gas is compressible gas. In India it is mainly used in cooking.

It has odourless blue flame and it is environmental friendly. Environmental friendliness is a key concern in cities. As traditional diesel engine based buses produce lots of pollution and reduce the air quality ultimately creating emission problems.

The economics of India’s first bio gas powered bus:

Furthermore, in India, economics of travel is major concern for consumers. Everyone finds the cheapest way of travel. India's first bio gas powered bus is surely damn cheap as the cost of producing bio gas is only Rs. 20 per kg. This bus can now travel 5km on one kg of bio gas. The company is importing technology from Germany that will enable this bus to travel 20kms in the same amount of fuel.

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