Volta Zero

Volta Zero Electric Truck what you need to know

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Volta Trucks a new electric revolution in the transport industry

Volta Zero is a new and world's first fully-electric 16-tonne commercial vehicle built with purpose. The main purpose of this truck is to distribute freight inside the city. The cities need a pollution-free and silent freight distribution as commercial vehicles tend to produce more air and noise pollution than cars.

Volta Zero Front View
Volta Zero Front View

Also, Volta Zero is one of the safest electric trucks. It also protects road users like cyclists and pedestrians. Hence, such freight distribution will act as a road model for zero-emission cities. So, volta trucks will revolutionize the last miles distribution of goods inside cities in a more sustainable way.


Volta Trucks has a clear vision of sustainability at its core. They are constantly working on all fronts to reduce emissions and overall environmental impact. They also work on reducing emissions in supply chain logistics and manufacturing. So, the aim is to reduce the impact on the environment in all possible ways and not just tailpipe emission.

Furthermore, the company uses flax and biodegradable resin composite for the construction of external body panels. It is lightweight and matches the strength and weight of carbon fiber but requires 75% less carbon dioxide to manufacture.

Besides, the load-carrying capacity of the volta zero is on the higher side. As a result, fewer vehicles will require transporting the goods, keeping vehicle count low on roads, making them congestion-free.


Safety has paramount importance when it comes to large vehicles. In cities, 20% of pedestrian fatalities and 78% of cyclists die on the road due to freight trucks. Also, the traffic count of such vehicles is just 4%. Hence, it looks like trucks unable to see other road users due to blind spots. So, it is necessary to remove blind spots and improve visibility.

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