How Traffic Sign Assist works in a car?

Traffic Sign Assist

Traffic Sign Assist Working Principle:

Traffic sign Assist is a driver assistance system. It makes sure that every road sign is brought to the notice of the driver. At the heart of the working principle of this system lies a simple rule. It says – ‘the on-road vehicle safety for pedestrian as well as the vehicle improves tremendously if the driver obeys the traffic rules perfectly’.

Traffic Sign Assist By Mercedes Benz

It is observed that on a very congested road, there is a chance that the driver may miss a road sign. It includes a speed limit board or a traffic signal light etc. This may be because of drowsiness or excessive concentration, thereby landing into the trouble of road accident. Traffic Sign Assist Helps in such critical situations and can help to prevent an accident which may occur as a result.

The Traffic-Sign Assist continuously monitors the road ahead. It does so with the help of a stereo camera fitted behind the windscreen of the vehicle. This camera and its image processing system have a special capability. It can recognize the round shape of the sign display board or a traffic signal light.

Thus, the system reads every road symbol. Then, it matches this symbol with the information stored in the navigation system of the vehicle to cross-check. Once found correct, the assist system displays the corresponding road sign or traffic light in the instrument cluster of the vehicle as well as on the maps in the navigation system. An alarm or a warning sound also accompanies the display to alert the driver. Traffic Sign Assist helps to identify overlooked traffic signs. It automatically turns OFF itself after the traffic sign.

You can find some more information about the system here.

See Traffic Sign Assist in action here:

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