What is Bi xenon headlamp in cars? Bi Xenon Vs Halogen Headlamps

Bi xenon headlamp

What is Bi xenon Headlamp?

Car manufacturers keep experimenting with the headlamps from time to time. They do so to improve the illumination or the power of the headlights. It eventually increases the visibility of the road at night and thereby, improves the safety. The engineers recently invented Bi xenon headlamp which is a modern type of headlamp. Some manufacturers simply term it as the xenon headlamp.

These headlamps are gaining rapid popularity among the passenger vehicle segment. This is because of they have a safety advantage over the regular headlamps. However, they are largely different than LED headlamps which are more advanced.

Working Principle of Bi xenon Headlamp:

The light blue color beam is the character of this type of headlamp. Ionized xenon gas emits the light in this kind of headlamp.

Bi xenon headlamp vs Halogen headlamp (Courtesy: pixsharkdotcom)

There is a reason behind employing the Bi-xenon head-lamp technology in modern vehicles. It lies in the fact that the road illuminating capacity of the bright clear light emitted by this headlamp is much better than the conventional headlamp. Thus, this headlamp enhances the safety of driving at night.

Advantages of using the Bi-Xenon Headlamp:

Bi xenon head-lamp emits 87% more light in dipped beam condition. When we compare to conventional headlamps, it emits 180% more light. These results clearly indicate that this technology is much superior to the conventional lighting systems.

Usually, these headlamps are also fitted with the headlamp leveling system. It takes care of the changed vehicle position due to acceleration, braking or while taking a turn. Moreover, to illuminate road properly; the system automatically corrects itself. One more advantage of this headlamp is that it consumes less power compared to halogen lamps.

See Bi xenon headlamp in action here:

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