Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 by Bosch

vehicle dynamic control 2.0

Bosch Vehicle dynamics control 2.0

Bosch is a germen vehicle technology giant. The company recently came up with new addition to its product profile; vehicle dynamics control 2.0. This new technology will unlock the full potential of braking, powertrain, chassis, and by-wire systems.

dynamic control 2.0
dynamic control 2.0

In addition, Bosch’s expertise in this domain and existing technology, Bosch is delivering a more dynamic driving experience. Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 is a core system for the latest generation of ESP & integrated power brakes.

Furthermore, the new system has an intelligent control concept at its core. This concept allows functions to think ahead of situations. So, by analyzing the inputs from various sensors, the system anticipates the vehicle’s behavior and acts ahead of time proactively. Hence, the system acts instead of reacting. As a result, the driver gets a more natural driving experience with excellent safety, agility, comfort, and control. The control concept utilizes various actuators of vehicle dynamics control, such as brakes, steering, powertrain, etc.

Next level Vehicle dynamics control

First, the most important feature is the system’s behavior. Most of the current applications only react while dynamics control acts. The system uses various inputs from sensors like acceleration, yaw rate, wheel speed, and steering angle.

In the feed-forward control principle, the system predicts desired behavior of the vehicle. It utilizes inputs from the driver and various actuators in the system, like braking, steering chassis, etc. The system actuates them in a very targeted manner. So, the system improves driver’s confidence levels and sense of safety. This applies to both day-to-day driving and handling critical driving situations.

In addition, from the driver’s point of view, everything looks pretty normal and natural. However, in critical situations like skidding on slippery roads, the function counteracts them even before the driver knows and recognizes potential instability by the vehicle.

So, this technology also gives impressive results in high-speed cornering or sudden evasive maneuvers. The system works in the background and takes action even before the driver reacts. The driver remains unaware of the active control system. As a result, the system can keep the best traction and stability possible.

New potential for vehicle manufacturers

The whole automotive industry is shifting towards electrified mobility. Using electric power trains, centralized architectures, and by-wire technologies opens up new opportunities. In addition, various actuators are available for dynamic vehicle control.

Existing and future actuators are linked together for the first time in history. This creates new pathbreaking synergies and opens immense possibilities at the same time.

In addition, the Bosch Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 simplifies the implementation of the complex interplay between the sensors and actuators. As a result, soon flexible deployment on various control units is possible.

Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 & by-wire systems.

The Vehicle dynamic control 2.0 utilizes the by-wire system’s full potential in an integrated manner. In addition, the system also ensures full utilization of systems like a steer by wire.

Furthermore, the steer by wire system removes all mechanical connections between the steering and rack actuator. So, you can design more streamlined chassis on all vehicle platforms. You can also implement new technical features for agility, safety, and comfort.

In addition, by-wire systems also enable direct and active control of the dynamics control system on the steering wheel and yaw response. The removal of mechanical connections also removes unwanted rotational movement of the steering wheel. So, it creates new freedom for vehicle dynamics control, breaking all traditional barriers.


First of all, for drivers, it’s an extraordinary driving experience. The system provides comfort, excellent safety, agility, and control simultaneously. So, it’s a very natural driving experience. The system is available in various vehicle segments.

The manufacturers can adapt the system as per the needs. The system is suitable for all power trains and vehicle types. Additionally, the system is adaptable to actuators from different vehicle domains. The system is deployable on zone, braking systems, and central control units.

In conclusion, Vehicle dynamics control 2.0 from Bosch is a very dynamic and adaptable control system paving the way to the new frontier in Vehicle dynamics.

Watch vehicle dynamic control 2.0 in action:

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