What Is Evasive Steering Assist & How Does It Work?

evasive steering assist

How does Evasive Steering Assist work?

The automotive companies are coming with new safety technologies. Thanks to automotive research. The evasive steering assist is a driver assistance system. The safety system supports the driver during critical evasive maneuvers in urgent situations avoiding accidents and injuries.

evasive steering assist working
Evasive Steering Assist working

Furthermore, we come across sudden traffic jams in three lanes. Therefore, we need to maneuver quickly and take the space and lane as fast as possible. Such a maneuver requires judgment and fast decision-making. It also involves swift movement of the steering wheel to avoid bumping into surrounding vehicles.

In the above situations, evasive steering helps the driver support steering torque. So, the driver can easily circumnavigate an obstacle and avoid the accident. The system allows the driver to prevent and circumnavigate an obstacle. The system does it by detecting the obstacle well in advance and faster steering. With the assistance of evasive steering support, the steering reaches 25% faster to its desired direction.

The components

The system has two main components – a multipurpose camera and a front radar sensor. The latest generations of multipurpose cameras combine AI methods and image processing algorithms. The advanced cameras now detect objects far ahead and assist in automated driving.

In addition, the front radar sensors can detect driving functions. The use of sensors also improves comfort, convenience, and safety. The use of a front radar sensor enables automated driving. So, the multipurpose camera and front radar sensor play a pivotal role in evasive steering assist.

How does evasive steering assist work?

First of all, the evasive steering assist activates itself when it detects imminent collision and initiation of evasive maneuvers by the driver. Then, when the driver initiates the evasive maneuver, the system intervenes in the power steering with torque. As a result, the vehicle guide itself around the obstacle.

Furthermore, the system computes data coming from the front radar sensor and multipurpose camera. Then the system decides a suitable path based on the width, distance, and offset of the preceding vehicle. The system can visualize the entire scenario by combining radar and camera data with sensor data fusion. Hence, you get feedback from the system in a fraction of a second. The system then takes the necessary steps by providing suitable torque to the steering.

The benefits

First of all, the system assists the driver in avoiding collisions and preventing accidents. The system also guides the driver to a safe and secure path. As a result, drivers avert the injuries caused by the accidents. In addition, the system also maintains vehicle stability all the time. The steering support system also reaches the max steering angle, very fast-improving driving dynamics.

In conclusion, the evasive steering assist is a driver assistance system. The system prevents accidents during evasive maneuvers by the driver. So, the system avoids injuries to occupants and other road users, keeping vehicles stable and avoiding imminent collisions.

Image Courtesy: Ford, Bosch

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