Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021

Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021

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Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021:

The effects and benefits of innovations in automotive technology are encouraging with safer cars and lesser traffic accidents. These advancements are designed to handle and/or avoid most accidents as they mainly occur because of human error. Since the inception of the first car in 1888, automobile manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the safety of their vehicles. So, let’s see which are the Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021.

Automotive safety has come a long way, including three-point seat belts, disc brakes, anti-lock braking systems to airbags, traction control, and adaptive headlights. In the entertainment area, manufacturers nowadays offer Bluetooth connectivity into their car's entertainment modules for passengers. Besides, High Definition (HD) screens with various options and recliner seats have become the main feature in most luxury cars.

Below are some of the new-edge auto technologies launched till 2021:

Electric Cars:

Electric cars or electric vehicles answer several environmental problems caused by emissions from Internal Combustion Engines (ICE). That includes issues such as noise pollution and a high carbon footprint. Basically, Electric cars are vehicles that run on the energy produced by rechargeable batteries. Some electric car models are so efficient that they even regenerate the energy lost during braking into reusable power by the battery.

Generally, electric cars are classified into two - All-Electric Vehicles (AEVs) and Plug-In Hybrid Powered Electric Vehicles (PHEVs). AEVs are the purest form of electric vehicles as they run only on electricity. Since they produce clean energy, AEVs effectively eliminate your car's carbon emissions. They can drive up to 100 miles on a single electric charge, while a few luxury models cover a massive 250 miles distance. However, in PHEVs, the vehicle uses a combination of electrical and internal combustion power.

Moreover, Tesla is leading the electric car movement in the world. Mercedes Benz, Porsche, and Mazda are the other car manufacturers who have developed electric car technology. So, electric cars are one of the Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021.

Top 5 Automotive Technologies of 2021: Advanced Driver-Assist Systems

Automotive manufacturers provide extensive driver-assist systems in their cars to completely avoid or drastically reduce road accidents. These features are intended to reduce possible dangers caused by driver inexperience, fatigue, and non-reaction to hazards.

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