GMC Hummer EV: All Electric Super Truck Is Here

Hummer EV coming with a bang!!! The GMC is a division of the American automotive manufacturer General Motors. GMC currently manufacturers SUV‘s, pick-up trucks, and vans. GMC offerings are reliable and durable and cater to …

GMC hummer EV

Hummer EV coming with a bang!!!

The GMC is a division of the American automotive manufacturer General Motors. GMC currently manufacturers SUV‘s, pick-up trucks, and vans. GMC offerings are reliable and durable and cater to the premium segment. The GMC hummer EV is an off-road luxury electric vehicle coming soon.

Hummer EV
Hummer EV

Furthermore, the origins of GMC Hummer EV go back to the Hummer brand of General Motors. So, as we can see, more and more SUV manufacturers are going electric such as Rivian. However, it’s high time to turn the tide for Hummer. In the same notion, GMC is going electric with this fully electric Hummer. This all-electric super truck will be available as a pickup and an SUV.

The Design That Stands Out

First of all, the hummers are known for their road presence with rock-solid design. The GMC Hummer EV is no different. The distinctive front lighting, along with the low turret roof profile, makes it unique. In addition, the upright windshield and unique tail lamps also add to its beauty. The power swing gate at the back and rear drop glass increase accessibility at the rear.

Furthermore, edition 1 of the SUV comes with a moonshot green matte paint finish. The multi-pro tailgate in Hummer EV Pickup makes loading and unloading easy. The infinity roof, along with transparent sky panels, gives a more immersive experience of the sky. Additionally, the transparent sky panels are tinted to deflect the sun. So, it keeps you protected from the sun while keeping your panoramic view intact.

Hummer EV Headlights
Hummer EV Headlights

The GMC Hummer EV offers Bose 14 speaker audio system. This audio system also comes with Electric Vehicle Sound Enhancement. This system creates a multisensory experience.

The Interiors

Furthermore, the Interiors are uniquely designed with comfort and convenience in mind. So, irrespective of outside terrain, you can enjoy every moment. The 12.3-inch driver information display, along with a 13.4-inch color touch screen, shows everything you need. The positioning of both displays is easily accessible to the driver. In addition, the rear flat-folding seats create more room for luggage. The large storage compartment on the driver-side rear quarter panel increases the storage space.

Hummer EV Interiors
Hummer EV Interiors

Furthermore, the interiors are available in two color schemes – lunar shadow interior and lunar horizon interior. The lunar shadow interiors are jet black, and Taupe creates a dark appearance. The Lunar horizon interior is in jet black and light grey.

GMC hummer EV Off-road Capability

The GMC Hummer EV has extreme off-road capabilities. It is engineered to conquer the toughest and rocky roads. This SUV has new capabilities we have never seen before. The crabwalk mode on the hummer has the ability to steer all four wheels in 10 degrees in either direction. As a result, hummer can safely avoid obstacles on the go. Thus, Hummer can also drive diagonally at low speeds.

In addition, it also comes with extract mode. In this mode, Hummer EV activates adaptive air ride suspension and lifts the entire vehicle by 6″. So, it can get over obstacles or negotiate water crossing. The GMC Hummer EV features ultra vision. This system features 18 camera views on pickup and 17 camera views on SUV. Standard HD surround vision has forward and rear-facing underbody cameras. The digital overhead image of the surrounding helps you to navigate off roads easily. Furthermore, the 35″ Goodyear wrangler tires are capable of sustaining all the terrains you throw at them. These tires have optimal on-road and off-road performance. Additionally, you can also fit 37″ OD tires.

Furthermore, the independent front and rear suspension add to highway comfort and off-road handling capability. Additionally, the front and rear e-lockers provide the necessary traction. Heavy-duty ball-spline half shafts avoid unwanted steering feedbacks on rough terrain. The full underbody armor includes skid plates, steel plates, shields, and rock sliders. This armor keeps important underbody parts like the battery pack and differential safe.

Steering and Suspension

A four-wheel steer system helps maneuver tight corners and parking spaces. Hummer EV has a turning circle of 20″. As a result, you can handle any terrain, including rocky terrains and tight parking spots. The adaptive air suspension automatically adjusts the height of Hummer EV according to terrain conditions. So, you get great aerodynamics with different ground clearances according to terrain conditions. The continuous damping adaptive ride control adjusts the suspension as per terrain feedback. So, you get refinement in ride quality in near real-time irrespective of terrain conditions.


The GMC Hummer EV has 1000Hp for pickup and 830Hp for SUV. This extraordinary power brings extraordinary results. You can go 0-60 mph in 3 seconds in the pickup and 3.5 seconds in SUV. The Hummer EV generates an extraordinary 11500 lb-ft of Torque.

In addition, the Hummer EV comes with a super-cruise. The super-cruise is a driver assistance technology. Super-cruise enables hands-free driving and automatic lane changing on compatible roads. The 800 Volt DC fast charging enables seamless charging. In a single charge, the pick-up can go 350+ miles while SUV can go 300+ miles. Besides, in ten minutes of charging, you can get 100 miles of range in the pickup. Thanks to Ultium batteries for such ultra-fast charging times.

Furthermore, you get full control of the electric driving experience by regen on-demand and one paddle driving. The GMC Hummer EV will set a new benchmark in the electric pickup and SUV segment. The extraordinary power and extreme off-road capability give the Hummer EV an edge to stand out from the crowd.

Watch GMC Hummer EV in action:

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