Citroen Ami: Electric Mobility For Everyone Around

Citroen Ami

Electric quadricycle for next-gen transportation

Citroen is a French automotive brand manufacturing cars since 1919. The Citroen name comes from the company’s founder Andre Citroen. Citroen Ami is a compact electric urban mobility object accessible from the age of 14 in France. So, it means cleaner, greener mobility for everyone around.

Citroen Ami Sideview
Citroen Ami Sideview

Furthermore, this safe, protective, and colorful object goes beyond just an object. The major advantages go beyond the automotive context. The whole design comes from the concept car Ami one. The company has a clear focus on a 100% online journey for customers. So, they can buy Ami any time anywhere 24*7. The company is also bringing innovative distribution methods.

The mobility object Citroen Ami

The Ami is completely electric. So, no Co2 emissions, and you can drive more sustainably. Additionally, you can charge Ami in three hours, just like your smartphone. Besides, it charges on the standard electric socket. So, you can have an easy, smooth and silent drive in the city center.

Ami Top View
Ami Top View

Furthermore, the compact size of the vehicle (2.41m) makes parking simple. In addition, the small turning radius of 7.20m makes maneuvering easy on small roads or tight parking spaces. The compact size of the vehicle enables the traveling of two people side-by-side. The heated compartment makes the journey comfortable.

In addition, the unique design with symmetrical structure and original style outline its presence on the road. You can customize your Citroen Ami with six different accessory packs available.

Mobility for everyone

This car requires no driving license. The 16 years olds can drive Ami in most of the European Union. Ami is accessible by different means. Starting from one minute to one year or more. You can buy, rent or share. Such accessibility is true mobility. The Ami is highly affordable and comes with different offers adapted to different users.

The all-new customer experience

First of all, the customer’s journey is 100% online. So, customers can explore, configure and buy Ami 24 by 7. Citroen is exploring new distribution channels in the case of Ami. Hence, Ami has a partnership with some stores and Citroen’s own participating network. The Ami is also accessible to customers where they are via mobile test drive centers. You can also get your Citroen Ami directly to your doorstep by home delivery for added convenience.

Connectivity, Storage and Range

The Citroen Ami offers a USB socket for charging your smartphone on the go. Additionally, my Citroen mobile application can provide all the information you want, including the charging station. The application also shows mileage, time remaining for 100% charge, available autonomy, and maintenance alerts.

Ami Interiors
Ami Interiors

The storage area located at the passenger’s feet can accommodate a big suitcase. Very clever storage spaces at the rear also accommodate luggage. In one single charge, Ami can cover a distance of 75 km. So, you can go to the office or a friend’s place or an appointment. You can cover small distances in your daily routine in a more sustainable manner than ever before.

In conclusion, Citroen Ami is new electric mobility available to everyone. It offers a cleaner, greener, and sustainable mobility for everyone around wherever they are.

Watch Citroen Ami in action

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