MG Marvel R Electric: The Marvel Of Design Is Here

MG Marvel R Electric

Luxurious electric compact SUV MG Marvel R Electric

MG Motors is a British automotive company owned by SAIC Motors UK. The Company has a history of producing vehicles with great design aesthetics. MG Marvel R Electric is really a piece of art. You can say that, as the name suggests, this SUV has a marvelous design. The fully electric SUV will be ready for market in the latter half of the year.

Marvel R Electric
Marvel R Electric

Furthermore, Marvel R Electric has a design language that comprises design, performance, and luxury. The smooth exteriors, along with generous interiors, make this SUV class apart. The whole design language is very futuristic. Additionally, the SUV has exceptional range and class-leading safety standards. Finally, the zero-emissions and 100 percent electric nature of the SUV makes your travel more environmentally friendly than ever before.

The Design

The MG Marvel R Electric has a futuristic design language. It simply adapts to new intelligent electric design concepts. The body type of the SUV is Coupe. So, the overall design gives a more planted look. The low roofline and smooth C pillar are dynamically integrated. Hence, it gives an impactful forward stance to the SUV.

Furthermore, The double arch design on wheel packs along with waistline curvature gives a more dynamic look. Simply these looks give a sense of refinement from all angles. The band of LED lights in the front creates a sense of calmness. The integrated matrix headlamps adopt the new form of sub-light layout. The arrow taillight belt gives a new sense of design at the rear.

Marvel R Electric Interiors
Marvel R Electric Interiors

In addition. the premium interiors with Bose audio system make your travel comfortable. The power tailgates add to the convenience. The Nappa seats with ventilation give class-leading comfort. The 64 color aurora ambient lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere from inside. The overall interiors have excellent NVH performance. Additionally, the panoramic sunroof opens a new window to the surroundings. The welcome mode reveals concealed door handles automatically. Thus, it creates a superior experience starting from the beginning.

Safety and Range

The MG Marvel R Electric has numerous safety features. These safety features ensure the safety of drivers and passengers. For example, the 360-degree battery protection with a rigid structure ensures battery protection in case of accidents. In case of impact, this battery protection system cuts off high voltage in milliseconds. As a result, the battery avoids catching fire on its own.

The Marvel R Electric has numerous active safety systems. For example, the emergency lane-keeping assist, Drowsiness warning system, Adaptive cruise control, Automatic Emergency Braking, Blind spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, Speed assistance system, Traffic jam assistance, and intelligent high beam control. These are various active safety systems on MG Marvel R.

In addition, the passive safety system includes seven airbags for maximum protection. Besides, multiple sensors and cameras keep you safe alongside rigid structures and airbags. The large module cell pack has a 34% battery density improvement. The hairpin motor with a 2 gear transmission gives efficient drive. The 402 KM WLTP range gives max confidence.

Utility and Technology

The Marvel R has numerous utility features. So, you can carry your stuff easily. The 150L front capacity and 1396L rear capacity can carry lots of goods. The 750 kg towing capacity can tow things you need. The interior storage space is abundant. Five phone slots, eight cup holders, and an ample space beneath the floating console can handle much stuff. It also comes with a Vehicle-to-Load function. So, you can charge your scooter on the go.

Marvel R Dashboard
Marvel R Dashboard

Furthermore, Marvel R has technology for a connected and intelligent driving experience. The 19.4-inch corning gorilla glass display makes things easier to operate. The 12.3 digital cluster provides all information to the driver in a single glance. Additionally, you can charge your smartphone wirelessly on the go.

The MG Marvel R Electric Performance

The MG Marvel R Electric has Tri-Motor AWD. So, you get Fast acceleration on the tap. These motors produce 288Ps of power and 665Nm of torque. You can go 0-100kmph in just 4.9 seconds. The Sport+ motor and winter mode gives an unbelievable driving performance.

In addition, the i-booster ensures high braking performance. It provides a quick response to braking. It also improves overall driving performance in different paddle settings. The sporty chassis ensures maximum performance. The aluminum alloy subframe is light in weight. As a result, you will get excellent handling and comfort. Additionally, 50:50 weight management ensures the effective handling of curves.


MG iSMART is an intelligent network system that connects the internet, car, and user communication. The iSMART app provides information about vehicle status; you can preset A/C as per your need before getting inside. The route planner helps you to find out the best route. In addition, you can also determine the current location of the vehicle.

Furthermore, you will also get real-time traffic updates and points of interest on the route. The app also shows range and charging point information. You can also stream your favorite music with Amazon Prime. You can also create a Hotspot to stay connected always.

In addition, Apple car play and android auto are available onboard. You can use voice control for phone, music, navigation, and car controls. The weather forecast of your current location is available in real-time.

In conclusion, MG Marvel R Electric is really marvelous SUV. Amazing design with lots of features makes this SUV class apart.

Watch MG Marvel R Electric in action

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