Sherp ATV

Sherp ATV: Your amphibious adventure just begins

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Sherp All-Terrain Amphibious Vehicle

Sherp is a Russian manufacturer of all-terrain vehicles. The Sherp ATV is an amphibious vehicle that can easily conquer rough & soggy terrain. The company is working on ATV's since 2012.

Sherp ATV in action
Sherp ATV in action

Additionally, the ATV works extremely well in most difficult terrains. Sherp showcases the new level of ATV construction. This ATV can overcome almost all obstacles like fallen trees, boulders, and any obstacle with a maximum height of 70cms. It's basically a trouble-free machine that can take you where no one has gone before.

The Design

Sherp All-terrain amphibious vehicle is made up of steel and aluminium carrier body. So, you can stay afloat in water without wheels. Furthermore, when you see the ATV for the first time you will notice its large tyres. Rather we can say that tyres are the main focus here than anything else.

The large tyres have a dimension of 63"*25". They span across the length of the whole vehicle. It has an ultra-low pressure tubeless tyre. We can inflate and deflate the tyre with the onboard system.

Furthermore, the wheels and tyres rely on differential steering and pneumocirculating suspension. The control unit has two levers and two pedals.

In addition, it has some more control devices. The max speed of Sherp ATV on the water is 6km/h while on the land it can go up to 40km/h. It can tow up to 1134kgs.

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