Swincar e-spider: The Most Robust ATV of All Time

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Swincar e-spider: The Most Robust ATV

MECANROC, a French Company, founded by Mr. Pascasl Rambaud and Mr.Jerome Arsac coordinately developed one of the most adventurous, fun-filled, recreational ATV named Swincar!

Cornering by Swincar (Courtesy: MECANROC)


Swincar is designed in such a way that it can move in almost every terrain, including hills, off roads, small water streams. On top of that, it is fully electric with each wheel having its own power so that you can ride adventurously without pollution!

Swincar Concept

First of all, the engineers designed the Swincar by basically keeping in mind a spider. When a spider moves forward, individual legs adjust the elevation irrespective of the terrain. In the same manner, swincar’s individual wheels can adjust to the terrain. The driver sits in a suspended cabin. Each individual wheel has independent suspension and an electric motor which connects to the steering. The entire design concept focuses on the drivability in almost all terrains. The ATV  achieves this with the free movement of wheels due to gravity. It does not involve any electronics.

Now Corner on four wheels with swincar

The most amazing future of this ATV is that it can corner like motorcycles! All the wheels can tilt symmetrically, which gives swincar an incredible feel of cornering! Surprisingly, only the centrifugal force achieves this tilting ability. In the tilted situation, the platform or cabin remains horizontal keeping driver in a safe position!

Swincar Design

The wheels and streamlined casing on the outer side of the vehicle act like a pendulum which yields equilibrium to the vehicle thereby helping to achieve tilting in the corners and correction of tilt on slopes. To avoid too much freedom to the wheels, the ATV employs a push-pull mechanism in both the directions.

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