What is a Limousine and what are its main features? Know More.

Limousine car

What is a Limousine?

Limousine refers to a highly luxurious sedan vehicle. It has an extended or longer than normal wheelbase which makes it stand out at an event. However, its most commonly used word is sometimes the ‘Limo’. Technically a limousine is a vehicle in which driver compartment and the passenger cabin are separated from each other.


In order to achieve this, these vehicles have extended wheelbase. The word ‘limousine’ is believed to be derived from the historical vehicles which had an enclosed passenger cabin and an open arrangement for the driver to sit.

In this vehicle, the driver and passenger cabins are totally separate. However, it provides a window or a door to communicate with the chauffeur if needed. Some modern limousines have intercoms for this purpose. Generally, these vehicles are available only in white and black colors. Cadillac, Chrysler, Lincoln are some of the reputed manufacturers of limousines.

Who uses a limousine?

A limousine vehicle manifests opulence. And thus, Generally, the VVIPs use a limo as a mode of preferred transport for themselves. Mostly, elite organizations such as the state governments or big private organizations like cab companies maintain the limos. Only a small percentage of individuals actually own the limousines. Being a very pricey possession, the trend of hiring a limo only for special occasions (such as a marriage or party) is on the rise.

Many wealthy people such as the corporate, businessmen and Hollywood stars prefer to travel in the limo. Thus, it serves as the mark of luxury for many. Nowadays, you can also hire a limo for short ride or by the hour. The president of the United States of America uses a limousine named ‘The Beast’ for his daily commute. For more information on ‘The Beast’ limo, please click here.

Watch a limousine in action here:

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