2020 Mercedes Benz glb

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB Class: what you need to know

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Mercedes Benz GLB: A Versatile, Compact SUV

The German luxury car manufacturer has come up with a new compact SUV class. We are talking about the 2020 Mercedes Benz GLB, a new compact SUV class. The new GLB is more modern, versatile and compact; giving you unlimited freedom to explore.

Mercedes Benz glb
Mercedes Benz glb

The new GLB is well prepared for all kind eventualities in your life. It tackles every situation in a flexible manner. So, you are always ready for unexpected situations.

2020 Mercedes Benz GLB Design

The long wheelbase and striking new design of GLB mark its presence everywhere. The claddings around the SUV are distinctive. The GLB has its own character. In addition, the front grill has a more dynamic shape and design elements which adds to its character.

Furthermore, the SUV has stunning interiors with lots of space inside the cabin. All design and functions inside are crafted by taking care of the smallest detail. Even, you can change the illumination inside the cabin according to your mood. Thus, the most important strength in the interiors is flexibility.

The seats at the rear are completely foldable. Hence, you can have possibly more space than you need. The extra space you get adds to the flexibility and help you to satisfy your needs for space.

Mercedes Benz glb interiors
Mercedes Benz glb interiors

In addition, the optional third-row seats can accommodate more people inside. So, your tours are worry-free with more seating capacity. The spacious interiors are welcoming and make you comfortable.

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