Rezvani Tank X: bulletproof 1000Hp SUV is here

Rezvani Tank X

Rezvani Tank Series: a new SUV warhorse

Rezvani Motors is a manufacturer and designer of high-performance supercars. Ferris Rezvani is the founder of the company. The company is working in the field since 2014. In late 2017 he came up with Rezvani Tank – a military-style SUV for the road.

Rezvani Tank Side View
Rezvani Tank Side View

Furthermore, Rezvani Tank actually looks like a semi-truck or full-sized SUV or mix of both. It has some variations or versions. The basic variants are a Tank, Tank X, and Tank Military. These variants have different engine options and feature variations.

Rezvani Tank X features

Tank X has a great off-road capabilities. These capabilities need a lot of power. So, Tank X comes with heavy-duty and powerful 6.2 L, Supercharged, V8 Engine. This is a Dodge Demon engine fine-tuned to produce 1000Hp.

Furthermore, Tank X also has an off-road option. This option provides high ground clearance, top of the line fox off-road suspension while off-road tires provide easy handling. So, you are ready to tackle almost any terrain. In addition, the on-demand 4*4 system is switchable. Hence, you can efficiently handle rough terrains. The high intensity LED lighting gives better visibility during the night. Similarly, the thermal night vision system by FLIR comes handy in dark.

In addition, 16-inch massive discs with 8 piston caliper give you immense braking power. The side steps are auto-retracting. Hence, they completely disappear as soon as you close the door. The ergonomic seats give you comfort on any road.

Rezvani Tank Interior
Rezvani Tank Interior

The most incredible feature in Tank X is EMP protection. EMP means Electromagnetic pulse. Electromagnetic pulses are radiated after the nuclear explosion. These EMP pulses turn electronic devices non-operative. As a result, your vehicle will not move a bit; as all of its electronics fail. To avoid this kind of situation Rezvani Tank X comes with EMP protection as well. It can protect you from 40 EMP strikes.

Furthermore, similar to Tank X, we will explain some features of the other two variants in brief here.

The Tank

Rezvani Tank is a base variant of the Tank series. It has three engine options. 2.0L turbo 285 Hp, 3.6L V6 285 Hp and 6.4L V8 500 Hp. So, you have a lot more options to choose from. Apart from standard suspension, this variant also offers two more packages. The off-road package comes with 2.5 Fox shocks with a remote reservoir.

Rezvani Tank Back view
Rezvani Tank Back view

In addition, the off-road extreme package has 3.0 Fox racing shocks with RAS. The sport exhaust system and tow package are optional. All other features like full leather package and thermal night vision are also available as an option.

Tank Military edition

The Tank is also available as a military variant. It comes with a host of standard features. It offers The bulletproof opaque glass and body armor & underside explosive protection. Thermal night vision, smoke screen, and EMP protection also come standard.

It offers the electronic scan detection system, reinforced suspension, and fuel tank wrap. Ram bumper, Military run-flat tyre system, and radiator protection are standard. Siren, strobe, blinding lights and electrified door handles are standard. Besides, the standard package also includes an intercom system, magnetic deadbolts, gas masks, first aid, and hypothermia kit.

Furthermore, Rezvani Tank Military has two engine options. The standard engine is 6.4L 500Hp V8. 6.2L 1000Hp Demon V8 engine is optional. The Off-road package includes Dynatrac ProRock 44/60 Axle set with E-lockers. It also offers Front and rear 1350 driveshafts and FOX 2.5″ remote reservoir shocks.

In conclusion, Rezvani Tank X is a monster SUV with all-terrain capabilities. The military-grade features are truly astonishing. We are very sure Rezvani Motors will achieve a benchmark in the SUV segment.

Image Courtesy: Rezvani Motors

Watch Rezvani Tank X in action

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