Michelin Uptis Prototype tyre

Michelin Uptis Prototype Tire: Airless Mobility Is Here

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Michelin Uptis Prototype tire has no air in it...!

French tire manufacturer, Michelin, recently unveiled a new tire technology. A tire without air. Michelin Uptis Prototype tire is an airless tire. So, it's a more sustainable solution compared to the traditional tire.

Michelin Uptis On Chevy Bolt EV
Michelin Uptis On Chevy Bolt EV

The term 'Uptis' means Unique Puncture Proof Tire system. The new prototype tire doesn't puncture. Hence, it is safer on the road. It can avoid accidents due to tire blast or flat tires.

Earlier, Goodyear had also launched an airless tire. It seems airless tires are now getting real. Michelin and GM are jointly working on this technology. Currently, the entire focus is on the passenger car segment. The company aims to introduce Michelin Uptis Prototype tire as early as 2024.

Michelin and GM will soon start testing this technology on Chevrolet Bolt EV. This airless tire is a potential breakthrough in tire technology. So, in coming years this technology could eliminate accidents due to flat or blown-out tire.


First of all, the drivers and passengers feel safer on the road. As a result, drivers become confident about the roadworthiness of the vehicle. It's sustainable tire technology. The environment savings include less use of materials, no need to manufacture spare tires & so on. Hence, the user community as a whole will benefit from environmental savings.

Another important advantage to fleet owners is time-saving. The fleet operators can minimize the downtime & improve efficiency. Because, these tires are puncture-proof and have nearly zero maintenance.

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