VanDOit: Modular Adventure Vans are here

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VanDOit: Your next adventure van

Kline motor company began converting vans into adventure vans since 1947. Woodrow Wilson Kline was a founder of Kline motor company. VanDOit is a new identity of this company to meet the demands of adventure vans in today's world.

VanDoit van interiors
VanDoit van interiors

Furthermore, as of today, the adventure van movement is big. We can say that it's now a van lifestyle. Actually it is driven by adventure. So people who hike, cycle, ski, go for running, do mountaineering, etc. can actually use it as a companion for their adventure.

VanDoit is simply an adventure lifestyle brand. It creates beautiful vans with practical application for every adventure. It's simply for people who want to experience freedom. Thus, you can fulfill your hunger for adventure with a new VanDOit van experience.

Ford Transit and vanDOit

The company converts ford transit into two models GO MODEL & DO MODEL. VanDOit also offers conversion of other vans including Ram Promaster, Mercedes Sprinter, and Nissan NV.

The team chooses most of the time Ford transit. Ford Transit has several advantages over others. The most important advantage is the warranty and availability. Secondly, affordable maintenance and repair cost.

In addition, VanDOit rented out lots of Ford Transits in the past and all of them performed very well over the years. So, it has an immense level of trust among people.

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