Lucid Air: The Fresh Air In The Luxury Electric Car Segment Is Here

Lucid air

Luxury electric car: Lucid Air

The Lucid Motor is an American automotive company working on electric cars since 2007. In the beginning, it worked on the battery technology and later on the prototyping. The company unveiled the Lucid Air in 2016. Lucid Air is a luxury electric car and will be available to the public from 2019.

Luxury electric car Lucid air side view
Luxury electric car Lucid Air side-view

The car has three design principles – space, energy and time. The car is built entirely on these principles. The electric car platform is non-conventional. Hence, you can do many more creative things in the electric cars. Lucid Motors have taken the advantage of this non-conventional platform to design a luxurious electric sedan by creating a new class of electric cars.

 Lucid Air: Space

This car is a fully-electric luxury car. So it’s entirely free from the constraints of a traditional gasoline engine. The absence of the gasoline engine creates more space. So, it is more spacious for the same dimensions. The length of the car is less than Mercedes S550L and BMW 750Li. However, it has more space than both of them. The space advantage is real in the electric cars as the number of components is less than the traditional cars. Lucid Air takes the advantage of the same.

Lucid air Interiors
Lucid air Interiors

The interiors of the car take the design clues from the executive jet travel. The rear executive seats offer recline of 550. So, just sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the luxurious experience. The 29-speaker sound system with noise cancellation offers an unforgettable music experience. The air springs, low center of gravity and damper technology keeps you gliding on the road.

Lucid Air: The Energy

The car gives immense driving pleasure to the driver and passengers. The electric motor and transmission integrate into one unit. Hence, its compact, efficient and power-packed.  Lucid Motors invested almost ten years in the battery development. So, the battery is capable of accelerating the car from 0 to 60 mph in less than 2.5 seconds. It also has a range of 400miles.

The ultra slim lighting system improves the energy efficiency by 50% than traditional LED headlights. The Lucid Air has self-adjusting headlamps to keep you safe in every driving situation.

Lucid Air: The Time

The luxury electric car Lucid Air has automated driving features, fast charging, and natural voice system. So, you always spend your time precisely and thoughtfully. The active safety system with autonomous driving keeps you safe from accidents.

Lucid air rear view
Lucid Air rear view

The natural voice recognition helps to interact with your Lucid car in natural language. It also eliminates the need of juggling through buttons or the instrument cluster. Just speak and you are good to go. The car also connects to you via the mobile app. So, the place really doesn’t matter. You can also charge the car battery anywhere any time with the standard charge connectors.

Lucid Air specifications

The luxury electric car has a 400-mile range on a single charge. You can go 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds with the massive power of 400hp. The autonomous driving hardware is capable of full autonomy. Rear-wheel drive with the option of all-wheel drive makes it more appealing.

Lucid air canopy roof
Lucid air canopy roof

LED multi-lens array headlights give you the high visibility. Four screens with touch surfaces on three make the interaction easier. Fully active suspension with executive rear seats adds to the comfort. The electrochromic glass canopy gives a visual treat of the surroundings to the passengers.

Watch the luxury electric car Lucid Air in action:

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