ktm revolutionizing sports motorcycling

Sports motorcycling: How KTM is revolutionizing it in India?

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Sports motorcycling in India:

Until 2012, no one knew this KTM brand. But now in 2015, suddenly everyone is curious about KTM. The only reason - they have the product which gives an ultimate performance at an unmatched price. KTM is busy revolutionizing sports motorcycling in India.

Did you ever imagine a bike that could sportingly race with big brands? We feel you didn't, but this brand is an exception. “If you want to feel the real adrenaline rush then just go for the KTM”, that’s the expression of most of the KTM owners.

KTM revolutionizing the sports motorcycling:

This brand never advertises heavily in any of the media platforms available to date but their products speak for themselves! They have a really stunning design with killer looks and nothing is compromised in terms of quality and proportions; which we often don’t find in other products. In any KTM product, not a single part is out of proportion. Everything is perfect. Aerodynamic design is also a big contributor in gaining pick-up, you can be anywhere between 90-110 km/h just in the matter of seconds. You will never feel like riding at that speed until you look at the speedometer. The weight reduction is fabulously done with the only aim is to maximize the performance and ensure optimum stability. Most of the parts are either alloy or plastic which makes rusting out of question. We have never seen an Indian brand implementing such a keen observation of their products.

Wide tires and centralization of mass bring serious fun in cornering, just bend over the corner and you are done. KTM surprises you whenever you ride and every time the revelation is different. Until now their products surprised us numerous times with different abilities that we didn't know before. Just accelerate and bang on. You are seriously ahead of everyone else on the road and you will not see anyone in the mirror too.

Sports motorcycling: Changes in the design

KTM made 11 changes in 2015 in its products Duke 200 & Duke 390. Have you seen any Indian brand listening to the consumer and making changes according to what consumer needs? We are sure, you haven't! Nobody gives a damn as they don't care. Most of them tell you, “This is our product and what we say is right”. You are nowhere in the scene. When will this philosophy change? And when will these companies take the Indian consumers seriously? They will not unless we object to them or force them to hear us out. But as the brands like KTM are making such positive changes, we hope the situation will change one day. We are not here to praise anyone but this is the ground reality we came across while studying KTM in India. and we can say that KTM revolutionizing sports motorcycling in India.

What is the difference between KTM India and others?

Here what is we have observed:

  1. They have a state of the art product without compromising on either quality or performance.
  2. The company listens to the consumer.
  3. They conduct riding activities & stunt activities with scientific training sessions for riders through events like 'KTM orange day' & 'KTM stunt show'. We had never heard of any Indian brand doing such activity before.
KTM Track Day
KTM Track Day (Courtesy:KTM India)

4. They are creative, result oriented. When these reach the last end of the product chain, then it is a true success. Every company is creative but only succeeds when the creativity percolates to the last end of the product chain.

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