EnLighten: here is what A Traffic Light timing app means to you


Are the traffic lights annoying? Not Anymore with EnLighten!

BMW to integrate EnLighten into its vehicles

“Which is the most boring task while driving?”. “Waiting till signal turns Green!” Might be the answer of many of the drivers, isn’t it? Yes… many of us feel the same. But not anymore with EnLighten! A study has revealed that a great number of accidents occur at the road junctions governed by traffic lights (surprising!). The main reason behind this is the anxiety felt by the drivers during that time. Some of them even try to rush too hurriedly before the green signal turns red. Some of them stop too hastily causing trouble to others behind them.

EnLighten in-vehicle display (Courtesy Connected-Signals-Inc)

Both these extreme situations result in a catastrophe. Similarly, the drivers who are waiting for the signal to turn green feel stressed. It is because of the uncertainty in the timings. To overcome these shortcomings, a startup ‘Connected Signals’ has developed a mobile application called EnLighten. It is now being integrated into all the BMW vehicles.

How EnLighten Works?

The mobile app EnLighten connects with the traffic signal system of the participating cities. It knows how the signals in that particular city operate. By knowing this and using GPS, the system determines the position of both the vehicle and the signals around it. In the center console of the vehicle, the condition of the nearby signal (Green/Red) is displayed. It also displays the time to change the current status in seconds.

Split timer EnLighten
Split timer EnLighten (Courtesy: Connected Signals Inc)

This enables the drivers to take the appropriate driving decisions like deciding when to prepare for a stop. They can also judge whether is it possible to cross the junction successfully. Knowing the exact time for the signals to change make the drivers feel more secure. And thus, they avoid making a wrong decision. In addition to these safety benefits, there are certainly other advantages like improved fuel economy and enhanced driving experience.

No coverage message (Courtesy: Connected Signals Inc)

If the city in which you are driving is not participating in this scheme, then the app displays the above message on the vehicle screen. At some intersections where there is a separate timer for the left lane, EnLighten shows two separate timers.

Undoubtedly, this useful application will prove to be of a great help to the car drivers. And we would like to see this working in many more cities too!!

You can obtain more information about the Enlighten App here:

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