Hyundai Staria

Hyundai Staria: All That You Need To Know

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Hyundai Motors Staria: The new age MPV is here.

The Korean automotive manufacturer recently unveiled Hyundai Staria MPV. The new vehicle distinctly highlights an all-new design language with modern Interiors. In addition, the Staria utilizes a new inside-out design methodology from Hyundai. As a result, this MPV has the capability of transforming the mobility of the future.

Hyundai Staria Side View
Hyundai Staria Side View

Furthermore, The Staria has ample space for comfortable travel. The efficient use of space with flexible seating makes things easier. In addition, the seats have long sliding abilities. So, you can relax. This MPV also features the highest level of safety. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone. The Hyundai plans to focus this vehicle on a unique lineup and eco-friendly variants in the coming years.

In addition, Staria represents the shifting of consumer needs. Consumers are now more focusing on innovation, the purpose of the vehicle, and the in-car travel experiences. This MPV is along the lines of companies vision of progress for humanity.

Staria is one step forward in connecting people to the environment. So, we can get more out of our everyday lives. We can do more for ourselves in transit.

Thomas Schemera, Executive vice president and Global chief marketing officer Hyundai Motor Co.

The Exteriors

First of all, the Staria's sleek looks take inspiration from the curve of light that illuminates the earth's horizon at the sunrise when you view it from space. Hyundai Staria features horizontal daytime running lights and positioning lamps. They run across the width of the vehicle. The low set headlamps add to its beauty. Additionally, the wide and bold radiator grille has a unique pattern. All frontal parts have body color. Hence the front maximizes overall modern looks and style.

Furthermore, the Staria premium model features variant-specific tinted brass chrome treatment. The panoramic side windows and lower beltlines create openness. The spaciousness takes inspiration from Korea's Hanok architecture. So, you feel like the outside scenes are part of the Interiors. The unique long-tail lamps at the rear have a parametric pixel lamp design. The lower rear bumpers make loading and unloading easier. Additionally, Staria is available in eight colors.

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