Hyundai Prophecy Concept EV: Minimalism at its best

Hyundai Prophecy

Prophecy Concept EV from Hyundai

Hyundai Motor Company recently unveiled a new concept EV, the Hyundai Prophecy. The concept car shows Hyundai’s latest design language. The Prophecy simply shows sensuous sportiness in its character.

Hyundai Prophecy  Rear View
Hyundai Prophecy Rear View

Furthermore, the design philosophy continues Hyundai 45’s clean lines and minimalistic structures. The company aims to strengthen the bond between humans and automobiles. So, Hyundai called this concept as optimistic futurism. This concept also balances technology, nature, emotion, and practicality.

The Design

The Hyundai Prophecy has a perfect silhouette with proportions that match the aerodynamic design. In addition, the shorter overhang with extended wheelbase gives prophecy the ultimate form and character.

Pristine surface and pure volume in combination with aesthetic harmony and functionality define this new EV architecture.

We brought to life a new icon that pushes limits in Hyundai’s design vision, setting up new standards in EV segment.

SangYup Lee, Head, Hyundai Global Design Center.

Hyundai Prophecy Concept Exterior

First of all, the remarkably clean side section is the highlight in Prophecy design. The clean and simple curve that extends from front to rear adds to timelessness in its design.

In addition, the elegant and dynamic boat tail line is created by rear quarter panels. So, this particular tail line appears to propel the car forward even if the car is not moving.

Prophecy Top View
Prophecy Top View

Furthermore, the overall design provides excellent aerodynamics essential for the EV. So, even the wheels provide aero-efficiency by guiding the air in and allowing the air to flow down on the side of the body. In addition, the rear spoiler supplements this effect by harnessing down-force. Hence, it improves overall stability at high speeds.

The transparent acrylic materials provide a clear view of the functional components. This feature is integrated with the spoiler, headlamp, tail lamp, and camera monitoring system. Hence, this feature individually gives functional beauty to the components.

The pixel-lamp lights highlight the progressive lighting technology. This technology integrates into headlamps, tail lamps, and rear spoiler. So, its a signature design element continuing legacy in future Hyundai models.

Furthermore, the wide air intake at the front of the bumper cools down batteries effectively. It also improves the efficiency of the batteries. So, it adds up to the overall eco-friendliness of the car.

The Interiors

The interiors of the Hyundai Prophecy are welcoming. The interiors highlight the advantage of the stretched cabin in EVs. The abundance of space and refinements inside the cabin provides a warm welcoming environment.

Prophecy Dashboard
Prophecy Dashboard

In addition, eco-friendly design and selection of materials highlight the company’s vision for EVs of the future. The external intake at the bottom of the side doors allows clean air to pass through the air purifier. As a result, air purifier provides a steady stream of clean air inside the cabin.

The wool carpet at the floor takes inspiration from the flow of water in nature. The low-intensity ambient lighting relaxes you on the go. The modulated colours encourage rest and create a relaxing environment.

Hyundai Prophecy Interiors

Technology & Hyundai Prophecy

The Hyundai Prophecy uses autonomous driving technology. The joystick replaces a traditional steering wheel. So, it creates a completely new but familiar driving experience. Furthermore, the Prophecy has two joysticks instead of one. The center console has one joystick while the door trim has another one. Hence, drivers are able to control the vehicle in any position comfortable to them.

In addition, the driver can control a variety of functions by buttons on the joystick. Thus, the human-machine interface enhances safety. The joystick offers more visual freedom to passengers. In relax mode, passengers have no visual obstacles at all.

Furthermore, in the recline position, passengers can only see horizontal pillar-to-pillar display with the dash having a wing shape. In relax mode, the dashboard swivels. So, the occupants can enjoy content shown on the display.

In conclusion, the Prophecy name reflects the concept’s purpose. This new concept car signifies Hyundai’s vision for the future in the EV segment.

Image Courtesy: Hyundai

Watch Hyundai Prophecy in action :

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