Hyundai Blue Link: What you need to know

Hyundai Blue Link

Hyundai Blue Link Technology explained

Hyundai Motors is a South Korean auto manufacturer having its presence worldwide. The South Korean auto giant is known for its state-of-the-art technology and features in its cars. The company recently unveiled Hyundai Blue Link a connected car technology with telematics.

Blue Link App
Blue Link App

Furthermore, the telematics in this technology helps to gather vehicle data such as vehicle crash notifications and vehicle health reports. The system incorporates a mobile app to control various functions like vehicle start-stop and lock-unlock.

In addition, this app can immobilize the vehicle remotely. This particular feature is very helpful in case your car is stolen. The system also has voice recognition so that you can control your car with voice. Thus, Hyundai Blue Link acts as a platform that allows easy flow of critical information between you and your car.

Hyundai Blue Link with Artificial Intelligence

The voice assistance with AI enables seamless voice experience. You can do a simple task like calling a phone number simply by talking to the system. You can just say ‘i want to call Mike’ & system will call Mike.

In addition, you can control the vehicle navigation by voice. You can ask to search location and system will navigate you. It will also locate your point of interest with real-time traffic information.

The interactive voice recognition doesn’t need commands. You can speak naturally; thanks to natural language processing.

Priority to safety

The Hyundai Blue Link comes with a host of safety features. In case of an accident, the auto crash-notification feature reports to the call center immediately. Then, the call center will send you medical help. In addition, this feature also sends an emergency message to five predefined contacts. The message also contains your location information.

Blue Link Safety
Blue Link Safety

Furthermore, the SOS emergency button on the rearview mirror can send you any kind of help. The roadside assistance button in the middle of the rearview mirror can notify the call center. The call center then gathers the information and send you an immediate help.

The panic notification is a new feature. The FOB key now comes with a panic button. However, it works in FOB operational range. Once you press the panic button, the car will immediately start to honk and blink. Furthermore, it will also send emergency messages to five pre-saved contacts.

The security and Hyundai Blue Link

The stolen vehicle tracking feature comes handy in case of theft. It will find the exact location of the car. You can also send the location to the police or take the help of the call center. Besides, you can immobilize your car once it stops. The geo-fence alert feature can alert you if your car crosses the virtual geographical perimeter. You can set the digital perimeter via the app. The speed-alert feature will alert you if the driver breaches the speed limit.

The valet alert is a new feature that allows you to set a digital boundary, speed limit and engine idle time. If anyone breaches any of the three, the system will alert you. The time fencing alert and engine idle time alert are some of the new features. In time fencing, you can set the time within which a vehicle should not move and if it moves the system will alert you. In addition, you can set the time for engine idle. If the engine keeps running above set time limit, the system will notify you.

The convenience

The Hyundai blue link has a lot of features that add to the convenience. The remote engine start-stop with climate control allows controlling of your car remotely. In addition, you can also lock, unlock, control horn and lights remotely.

You can find your car location and track the vehicle in real-time. You can share your car location and destination to others. Similarly, you can push destination to the car remotely via the app. The system can also show real-time traffic information.

Hyundai Blue Link and efficiency

The Bluelink also features lots of information to ensure efficiency. The Health of the car is important to have a safe ride on the road. The Blue Link can predetermine issues with the car. If it suspects any issue, it will start an Auto-DTC check. You can initiate manual check as well.

You can find monthly health report of the car inside the app. It will show you the number of engine starts, distance covered, avg speed, etc. The system also shows driving behavior for every trip. You can use that information to rectify wrong driving habits. Hence, you can improve the overall efficiency with the Hyundai Blue Link.

In conclusion, Hyundai Blue Link technology will enhance safety, security and of course your driving. So, you can simply experience & enjoy convenience on the go.

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Watch Hyundai Blue Link in action

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