What is Garage Park Assist & how does it work?

Garage park assist

Garage park assist working explained

We have a garage at our homes. We also have our dedicated parking space in the building. However, most of the time, it’s tough to maneuver in tight parking spaces. At times, it becomes difficult to get out of the car. In such a scenario, Garage park assist can do the job with just the touch of a button. It is a kind of advanced driver assistance system.

Garage park assist Mobile Interface
Garage park assist Mobile Interface

Furthermore, Garage park assist can do the job in narrow parking spaces. The overall experience is very smooth, effortless, and comfortable. The Garage park assist has a semi-automatic function. The system takes over the controls and parks the car on its own. It helps to get your vehicle into and out of the garage with an access route up to 10 meters. The driver can focus on controlling the parking operation on a mobile phone.


The system involves three different components. The ultrasonic sensor, near range camera, and electronic stability program (ESP). The ultrasonic sensor detects the distance from obstacles. It also monitors the space between the car and obstacles. This sensor plays a crucial role in maneuvering.

In addition, the close-range camera offers a better viewing angle of the surroundings to the driver. Finally, the electronic stability control provides better brake control. It avoids skidding and keeps the car in control. All these components work together to achieve semi-automated parking.

How does Garage park assist work?

The system works effortlessly at the touch of a button on your smartphone. The driver arrives at the garage and gets outside from the car. The driver then activates the parking process by using a smartphone. Furthermore, the garage function then takes over the control. It handles acceleration, steering, gear selection, and all maneuvering.

In addition, along with the parking process, the system can also handle an access route of 10 meters. During the entire maneuvering process, the driver is solely responsible for all the monitoring of the vehicle. Therefore, the whole parking process only works as long as the driver keeps pressing the control button.

Furthermore, the entire process relies on an ultrasonic sensor, ESP (Electronic Stability Program), and near-range cameras. The fusion of radar and camera data brings great assistance in parking. The Garage park assist has a semi-automatic process and involves a vigilant driver to do the operation. However, it removes the hassle of parking in narrow parking spaces, including the garage.


The system can help you park your vehicle in tight garages. It enables safe and comfortable parking in your garage. In addition, it can control the access route up to 10 meters. So, with a touch of a button, you can park your car in the garage without even going inside it.

In conclusion, the garage park assist is a great additional feature in your car. It helps you to park the vehicle in narrow and tight parking spaces. It is semi-automatic parking assistance.

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Watch Bosch Garage Park assist in action:

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