What is Maneuver Emergency Braking?

Maneuver emergency braking

How does Maneuver emergency braking work?

We park our vehicles in tight parking spaces. Ample public parking spaces often have pillars, posts, and demarkation. We also have lots of neighboring cars in large parking spaces. Often we tend to bump into all these obstacles in a hurry. The Maneuver Emergency Braking comes to your rescue in such conditions. The system avoids bumping into neighboring poles, flags, and pillars.

In addition, the system ensures safe maneuvering in tight parking spaces. The assistance system automatically applies brakes in dangerous maneuvers, preventing expensive damages like dents and scratches to the car. It also avoids unavoidable delays due to bumping into another vehicle. Besides, it also enables stress-free entry and exit from parking spaces without any damages to neighboring cars and property. So, it is a beneficial driver assistance system that keeps you and your vehicle safe.


The maneuver emergency braking system relies on two major components. The first one is ESP. Electronic Stability Program ideally provides brake control to prevent cars from skidding. The brake control helps the vehicle to stop in emergencies. Furthermore, the second component includes an ultrasonic sensor. The ultrasonic sensor detects the distance to obstacles and monitors space during parking and maneuvering. Both ESP and Ultrasonic sensors work together in Maneuver Emergency Braking. As a result, you can safely get in and out of the parking space. In addition, the system automatically applies brakes if it detects any obstacle.

Working of Maneuver emergency braking

The assistance system continuously monitors the surroundings of the vehicle by using ultrasonic sensors. The system takes into consideration the steering angle and vehicle speed to determine obstacles in its path. So, Maneuver Emergency Braking automatically detects barriers that may come into the vehicle’s paths while maneuvering.

Furthermore, if the vehicle approaches a collision, the MEB automatically applies brakes in time. This functionality prevents cars from colliding with the obstacle. So, it avoids the collision very effectively, keeping you and your car safe all the time. Thus, your car will be scratch and dents-free.


The system provides help in maneuvering tight parking spaces. It also prevents your car from colliding with other obstacles keeping your vehicle safe. In addition, the system avoids costly repairs of dents and scratches. The ultrasonic sensors can keep on scanning the surroundings all the time. It provides the extra hand all the time, making your maneuvers flawless. The MEB also detects dangerous obstacles and avoids collision.

In conclusion, the Maneuver emergency braking helps you to maneuver safely from parking spaces. Moreover, the system will surely avoid accidents and dents to the vehicle keeping occupants safe all the time.

Image Courtesy: Bosch

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