Mercedes Benz concept EQG

Mercedes Benz Concept EQG is here & it’s damn cool

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The Mercedes Benz G class ready for the future of e-mobility

The German Automotive manufacturer recently unveiled the all-new Mercedes Benz Concept EQG. The Concept EQG represents a near-production study of G-class in an all-electric avatar. Visibly, the concept car combines the striking looks of the G-lass with selected elements from the electric models of Mercedes. It creates contrasting highlights, and the blend gives the Concept EQG bold looks.

concept EQG
concept EQG

Furthermore, the four-by-four qualities of the G-class have the highest standards. The Concept EQG will take these standards further into the era of electric mobility. So, the Concept EQG provides a preview of what G-class will look like in the future. It will also showcase the capability of the battery-electric drive.

In addition, the Mercedes Benz is ramping up the electrification of its models. The strategic decision of electric-first and electric-only will also accelerate the electric transformation. The CO2-neutral life cycle of the batteries and sustainable production are taking Mercedes to a software-driven and zero-emission future. Furthermore, the company is aiming to motivate its customers to opt-in for electric mobility with convincing products. The G-wagon is a perfect contender for this transformation.

The G-wagon stands as an icon. Yet, the looks and exterior appearance remained the same in the last four decades, even with significant design changes. It is because of the functional elements. These elements are style statements. Thanks to the design team for continuously developing striking designs by keeping the root similar. The few elements include the door handle, typical door closing sound, sturdy exterior protection strip, highly-visible spare wheel on the rear door, and eye-caching front turn indicators.

Mercedes Benz is ready to go fully electric by end of this decade, if market conditions permit.

Markus Schafer, Board member Daimler AG.

The Mercedes Benz Concept EQG design Language

The Mercedes Benz concept EQG is pretty much in line with the model series. You can recognize it as a G-class at first look. The angular silhouette marks its presence here too. The illuminated external protective strips visually stand out. The design futures include the attractive two-tone paint finish, gloss aluminum beam on the bottom, and gloss black on the top.

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