How does car wireless charging work?

car wireless charging

What is the wireless charging system for cars?

The world is moving towards full electrification of cars. New electric vehicles are coming onto roads, and they need charging. The car wireless charging will play a crucial role in charging on the go.

intelligent parking systems
intelligent parking systems

Furthermore, the current charging system involves various chargers and cables to charge the electric vehicle. However, car wireless charging doesn’t need cables. Instead, it works wirelessly and uses inductive charging technology. We will explain in detail how this technology works and removes the hassles of charging EVs.


The car’s wireless charging removes the need for cables entirely. So, the system is beneficial and convenient for charging electric cars at home or work. Additionally, you can park your vehicle at a designated wireless charging location.

Furthermore, current cars with intelligent parking systems can steer the vehicle automatically. So, it simply removes the hassle of parking. The new advanced park assists and EV wireless charging combined to reduce parking misalignment.

In addition, inductive charging improves the overall charging efficiency of electric vehicles. Hence you can benefit from both parking and charging at the same time.

The advanced parking system plays a crucial role in charging cars wirelessly. The system automatically operates the car’s steering and steers the vehicle to the designated charging spot. On-screen guidance also aids the driver in parking by just pressing the accelerator and brakes in, according to on-screen guidance.

How does car wireless charging work?

The system consists of coils and works on the principle of magnetic flux. The ground transmission unit consists of a coil that carries current. The coil generates vertical magnetic flux when current passes through the primary coil. The location of the coil is nothing but a designated parking spot.

Furthermore, when the secondary coil in the car overlaps with the primary coil on the ground generating electrical pressure. Ultimately, the secondary coil in the car carries current due to electromagnetic induction. Hence, electric current flows from the primary coil from the ground to the secondary coil in the car. As a result, your car gets electricity wirelessly, providing current to charge the battery.

The unique way of charging vehicles delivers 80-90% efficiency, which is almost equivalent to cable charging. In addition, advanced park assists use 360-degree cameras and understand the surrounding situation. Then it sets the target position around the inductive charging unit. Finally, the system calculates and completes all the processes until the car parks itself.

Park assist for charging navigation
Park assist for charging navigation.

In conclusion, the car’s wireless charging and advance park assist removes the hassle of parking and charging the EV simultaneously. Making the process effortless.

Image Courtesy: BMW

Watch car wireless charging in action:

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