Bugatti Bolide: The bold concept is here

Bugatti Bolide

The new concept from Bugatti, Bugatti Bolide

We know the Bugatti brand for its benchmark speed and power. They are working for years building world speed record cars. Every Bugatti is a mix of technology, power, and sophistication never seen before. The Bugatti Bolide is the new concept car from Bugatti’s stable. Bolide will take this tradition forward. Although, we don’t know whether Bugatti will produce this car. But the concept is really taking everything further for sure.

Bolide Front View
Bolide Front View

Bugatti Bolide is a new track-only concept hypercar. The Bolide is nothing but a mix of high-performance, lightweight, and new dimensions in the driving experience.

Besides, the track-only high-performance hyper sports car features a W16 engine from series production. This engine combines series production along with max downforce and minimal body. The Bolide features Bugatti’s three driving experience characters – raw, reduced, and authentic.

The Concept

The new concept car is one of the lightest, fast, and extreme performers in the company’s recent history. The power-to-weight ratio here is 0.67 kg per PS. This figure is really incredible, thanks to the w16 engine with 1850ps power with an overall vehicle weight are just 1240 kilograms.

Bolide Rear View
Bolide Rear View

The ultimate driving experience is only possible due to extremely lightweight, state-of-the-art chassis, and extreme automotive engineering. The combination creates the ultimate track car of present times.

Bugatti Bolide Side View
Bugatti Bolide Side View

Besides, the real DNA of Bolide dates back to the 1920s. At that time, Bugatti Type 35 was a masterpiece. It achieved 2000 victories from 1924 to 1930. It was a true legend at that time. Type 35 had high performance and extremely light chassis. You can say that it was distinctive at that time, just like Bugatti Bolide’s concept today.

What is under the hood?

The 8-liter W16 engine is a monster that produces 1850 PS of power with 1850 Nm of Torque. The specific engine optimization is done for race track use. The intake and exhaust systems are de-throttled during the start. As a result, you get a spontaneous response from the engine. The four turbochargers boost up the performance at high engine speeds.

Besides, to take that much centrifugal force, the whole dry-sump lubrication has a brand new design. The new cooling system has air to air cooling mechanism to keep the engine cool all the time. The use of carbon fiber and high-strength aeronautical stainless steel brings down the weight. The 3D printed components with hollow design and titanium screws further bring down the weight.

Also, the oil reservoirs are inside the dampers; hence, further enhancement in aerodynamics. This design features a whole lot of aero efficiency. The athletic exteriors with large-scale use of flaps and wings generate 2600kg of downforce at the speed of 320 km/h. The air intake on the roof actively optimizes the airflow. This intake can also change the outer skin. The surface is smooth at a slow speed, while at high speed, the bubbles bulge out, reducing aerodynamic drag.

The Design

The design is the real character of Bugatti Bolide. Bugatti traditionally follows the ethos of form follow performance. This tradition continues with Bolide as well. The whole design clearly highlights air ducts expertise along with aesthetics and lightweight.

Furthermore, the driver seating arrangement is just like low flying aircraft. The appearance reminds the x planes of aviation. Ultra sports car with raw performance and no hint of luxury. This is what you get when you see it from a design perspective.

Bolide Interiors

The Bugatti Bolide specifications

The Bugatti Bolide features a W16 engine with a displacement of 7993 CC. It features four valves on each cylinder. The 7 gear DSG gearbox with a permanent all-wheel drive keeps you on the mark on the race track. It can achieve 0-100 km/h in just 2.17 seconds. It can go from 0-300 km/h in 7.37 seconds. Bolide can attain 0-500 km/h in 20.16 seconds.

Also, 18-inch forged magnesium wheels with Michelin racing slicks hold you on the race track at high speeds. The six pistons per caliper give you lots of stopping power. So, you are in control all the time.

In conclusion, we don’t know whether Bugatti will take this car to production, but we are dam sure if they do, it will just shatter all the records for sure.

Image Courtesy: Bugatti

Watch Bugatti Bolide in action:

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