Hyundai Tiger X-1

Hyundai Tiger X-1: Ultimate uncrewed robot concept is here

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TIGER X-1 is an Uuncrewed ultimate mobility vehicle

Hyundai motor corporation revealed a new concept robot. Hyundai Tiger X-1 is a new concept robot that carries payloads in remote locations. The Tiger stands for Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot.

Tiger X-1 Drone
Tiger X-1 Drone

Furthermore, this robot can either drive as a four-wheel-drive vehicle or walk on its four legs. So, it can both walk and drive. This setup is conducive to difficult and inaccessible terrains. This new concept is designed in Hyundai's new horizon studio in partnership with Autodesk and Sundberg-Ferar. This studio is working on new and emerging vehicle platforms as well as upcoming technologies in mobility.

Also, Hyundai Tiger X-1 is the first uncrewed vehicle platform in the company's history. The vehicle without crew increases its scope and applications. This vehicle can access remote and inaccessible locations where humans can't survive.

A vehicle like TIGER gives us an opportunity to push our imagination.

Dr. John suh, Head of horizon studio

The concept

The main idea behind designing the Hyundai Tiger X-1 is to access remote locations. It is basically a modular platform for scientific exploration in remote, extremely inaccessible locations.

The Tiger has modular platform architecture. It features a more sophisticated leg and wheel locomotion system. The 360-degree directional control increases maneuverability. It also includes remote observation sensors. The tiger also has the ability to connect to UAVs. These UAVs can charge and deploy Tiger in remote locations.

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