Ducati smart jacket

Ducati Smart Jacket with airbag is here & it’s kickass!!

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Smart Jacket with D-air airbag system

We often hear about airbags in cars. Those airbags keep you safe in the unfortunate event of an accident. What if we put airbags into a motorcycle-riding jacket? This is what exactly inside the Ducati Smart Jacket.

smart jacket with D-air
smart jacket with D-air

Furthermore, the Ducati Smart Jacket comes with a D-air airbag system. This airbag system keeps you safe if you meet with an accident on a two-wheeler. The two-wheeler accidents are more deadly, and this jacket could be a lifesaver for sure.

Besides, the rider on a two-wheeler may get the impact from many sides, as this is not the case with four-wheelers. Cars have metal barriers and crumple zones to absorb the impact. In the case of two-wheelers, all sides are open and hence, pose more risk of impact. So, a jacket with an airbag inside will definitely absorb the impact and may reduce the level of injury.


The Ducati Smart Jacket has an airbag system. This system is located inside the gilet. This airbag consists of microfilaments. Once the bag activates, it can absorb a high level of impact than the current applicable standards.

Besides, the airbag specifically protects the back and chest and avoids serious injuries to these body parts. This airbag offers protection of seven back protectors. Again, it covers a large area when you compare it to back protectors. Also, it's very compact and takes up very little space. So, in less space, you get more protection on a larger area.

smart compact jacket
smart compact jacket


First of all, Ducati Smart Jacket is very lightweight and foldable. It is straightforward to wear, comfortable, and packable. Secondly, it's wearable over a jacket. You can also wear it inside the jacket. It protects the rider's vital organs and back. Ducati Smart Jacket is available in both men's and women's fits. So, it's a stand-alone product and has no cables or wires. It is effortless to activate.

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