GM’s Super Cruise: What do you need to know?

Super Cruise

Super Cruise by GM: Hands-free driving assistance is here

Hands-free driving seems to be the norm, with more companies adopting it. New vehicles are coming with it as a default. General motors come up with new technology, Super Cruise. It’s a hands-free driving assistance technology. It works on compatible roads.

Dashboard with Super Cruise
Dashboard with Super Cruise

Furthermore, Super Cruise uses advanced technology to drive hands-free, even changing lanes. So, when the Super Cruise is on, the system will indicate when lane changing is optimal and initiate the maneuver accordingly on its own. Additionally, it will also follow signaling protocols.

How does super cruise work?

This technology enables vehicles to have the ability to drive hands-free. This technology works with adaptive cruise control, which controls acceleration and braking. Additionally, it needs connected services and real-time precise positioning. The system also needs additional inputs from LiDAR, cameras, and sensors. So, the car can visualize itself and find anything from curves to obstacles on its way. All vehicles with this technology come with 3years of connected services. After three years new plan is to be purchased.

How to use Super Cruise?

In Step1, you need to activate adaptive cruise control by pressing the button on the steering wheel. The adaptive cruise control symbol will illuminate in white on the instrument cluster. If it is already set, it will be green with the current speed.

Furthermore, in step 2, when the system detects you are on a compatible road, all other conditions (lane markings, GPS, etc.) are favorable. The Super Cruise symbol illuminates.

In step 3, you need to manually activate Super Cruise by pressing the button on the steering when it is safe to do so. When the symbol and steering wheel lights turn green, you may safely remove hands from the steering. However, do not remove your hands unless the light bar on the steering wheel turns green. The light bar indicates super cruise is driving the vehicle. To disengage Super Cruise, you can press the Super Cruise button or press the brake pedal.

Things to remember

To use this service, you need connected services. First, the adaptive cruise control must be on while using this technology. The forward collision warning system should be set to alert and brake. Finally, the teen driver must be off.

In addition, you have to make sure about specific driving considerations. The vehicle must be on a compatible road. Lane markings are clearly visible. The camera and LiDAR sensor are free from any covers. The driver must pay attention to the road.

The alert system

The system can alert back to the driver in case of an emergency or if the driver is not attentive. In the first alert, the system detects if you are not paying attention to the road. The steering wheel light bar flashes and alerts you to turn your attention towards the road.

Furthermore, if the Super Cruise detects the green bar flashing too long and there is a continuous lack of attention, it activates the second alert. The steering wheel light bar will turn red and prompt the driver to take back control. You will also get a beeping sound, and the safety seat will vibrate.

In the third alert, if the steering wheel light bar flashes red too long, the system will alert the driver to take back control immediately by voice command. If you don’t take back controls, the vehicle will immediately slow down in the same lane and stop entirely by applying brakes.

In conclusion, the super cruise by GM is one step toward fully autonomous driving and will help the driver relax.

Watch Super Cruise in action:

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