Aston Martin DBR22: Spectacular sports car concept

Aston Martin DBR22

Open Cockpit sports racer Aston Martin DBR22

Aston Martin is an English luxury sports car manufacturer. The brand recently developed a coach-built two-seater design concept Aston Martin DBR22. The new design is a celebration of the brand’s bloodline of an open cockpit sports car.

DBR22 Top View
DBR22 Top View

Furthermore, DBR 22 is a recent design concept in a long line of exclusive projects from an in-house bespoke division. The Q by Aston Martin celebrates a decade of building exclusive cars for exclusive customers.

In addition, the division has already commissioned exclusive cars like Aston Martin Vulcan, Victor, and Vantage V600. All these cars are exclusive and produced in minimal numbers. So, we are very sure Aston Martin DBR22 will not be different.

Aston Martin DBR22 Overview

First of all, with the exclusive use of materials and cutting-edge manufacturing merged with classic coach building, DBR22 is nothing but a work of art. Furthermore, attention to detail, heart-racing performance, engineering, and the perfect blend of design purity further enhance its beauty. As a result, the DBR22 will surely be the rarest Aston Martin in the company’s 109 years of history.

The Design

Aston Martin DBR22 showcases an entirely new body form. The limited number of body panels creates a muscular presence and scintillating sculpture. As a result, you will get an exclusive blend of deliberate drama and exceptional elegance. The bespoke design futures also complement the same.

In addition, the entire front grill is entirely new and incorporates a unique carbon fiber design. This design inspiration was taken directly from DBR1 and DB3S. So, you will get a unique visual identity and heritage. Such a design truly respects contemporary design.

Aston Martin DBR22 Interiors
Aston Martin DBR22 Interiors

Furthermore, the cockpit features a fusion of classic and contemporary. The extensive use of carbon fiber and leather stands apart. The new dash and infotainment system provides a clean driver-focused environment. The carbon fiber performance seats create inviting interiors as these extend over the tops of the doors. The seats rise from behind and sculpt the airflow behind the driver and passenger heads.

The car’s rear is unique, with a horizontal full-width light bar particular to this concept. The perforated panel below this light bar exhales hot air from the tail. In addition, the vast tailpipes and smoothly integrated diffuser smartly capture the real emotion of the driving experience.


The Aston Martin DBR22 has dynamic chassis that equally deliver tactility, agility, and precision. The 5.2 liters V12 Twin-turbo power train delivers award-winning performance. At peak, the engine delivers 715PS raw power with 753Nm of torque. This is enough to propel 0-60 mph in just 3.4 seconds. The top speed it can achieve is 319 kmh. The epic engine performance will give you unforgettable and intense driving pleasure.

In conclusion, Aston Martin DBR22 is a moving work of art that highlights companies legacy and vision for the future.

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