Ariel Hipercar: the electric super sports car

Ariel Hipercar

Meet the 880 kW Super Power: Ariel Hipercar

The British supercar brand Ariel recently unveiled the electric super sports car, Ariel Hipercar. Ariel is a very niche car manufacturer in the UK and one of the best sports car manufacturers.

Ariel Hipercar Rear View
Ariel Hipercar Rear View

Furthermore, Ariel manufactures open-top, lightweight sports cars. However, with hipercar, Ariel ventures in a new direction with a jet engine range extender and an EV with four electric motors.

In addition, the focus while designing the Ariel Hipercar is evident. The Hipercar features extreme performance, agility, and useability. The car also comes with ultra-low emissions.


The Hipercar offers a staggering performance by utilizing cutting-edge technology. The Ariel Hipercar stands for High Performance Carbon Reduction. Additionally, the car uses carbon fiber bodywork and covers the bonded aluminum chassis and subframes. As a result, the total weight comes down to 1500kg.

Furthermore, the high-performance traction motor delivers the best traction possible. The unique spoke architecture makes it possible to create liquid cooling for the rotor. So, it increases the motor’s continuous power output capability.

In addition, the motor has a maximum speed of 10000 rpm. The motor also incorporates an integral 5.5:1 epicyclic gearbox. Hence you can connect the gearbox’s output shaft directly to the wheel hub.

Ariel Hipercar specifications

The Hipercar features 220kW/450Nm electric motors on each wheel. These motors have a combined output of 880kW/1800Nm. So, the Hipercar can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 2.09 seconds. Furthermore, it can achieve a top speed of 250km/h.

The car has an 800volt 62kWh battery pack that provides a 241km range. Customers can also opt for the jet turbine range extender. So, you can recharge on the go.

The Michelin Cup 2 tyres and Bilstein adaptive dampers keep the car on the road. The AP racing brakes provide the necessary braking force. In conclusion, Ariel Hipercar will set new standards in the electric hypercar market with exceptional performance.

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