Delorean Alpha5: Future Of Electric Sports Car

Delorean Alpha5

DMC Alpha 5 Rebellious Iconic Design

The Delorean Motor Company, in short DMC, came up with a brand new electric sports car Delorean Alpha5. DMC is an American car manufacturer based in Humble, Texas. The brand has been manufacturing cars since 1995. Hollywood blockbusters also featured some of its cars.

Alpha5 exteriors
Alpha5 exteriors

Furthermore, DMC is now entirely focussing on pure electric cars. The new DMC Alpha 5 has a unique design language with a louvered rear window and gullwing doors. Italdesign, an Italian design company, is the leading designer of this car.

In addition, the company consistently reimagines itself daily. It knows it does not represent today, but has a clear vision for the future. The company wants an overall experience that is more human, connected, and creative.

Delorean Alpha5 Exteriors & Interiors

The Delorean Alpha5 has a very compelling and confident presence on the road. The purposeful design makes a real difference when it comes to road presence. In addition, the Rebellion DNA of the DMC Design constantly pushes the boundaries to new possibilities.

In addition, the brand’s legacy and the continuous adaption to the future give a more specific experience. The confidence-inspiring design in Alpha5 is the real dealbreaker.

Alpha5 Interiors
Alpha5 Interiors

The interiors are human-centric. The entire focus in Delorean Alpha5 is a balance between artificial support and human control. The whole environment encourages human experience and connections. The craftsmanship and intelligent, intuitive human design mark the new benchmark in Interiors.

There is an enormous responsibility to honor the history of the Delorean Brand.

Troy Beetz, Chief Marketting Officer.


Delorean Alpha5 has a drag coefficient of just 0.23cd. This level of drag coefficient enables stability at high speeds and increases aero efficiency. Furthermore, the Alpha 5 can go from 0-88mph in just 4.35 seconds. Moreover, it can do 0-60mph in just 2.99 seconds.

In addition, the car can achieve a top speed of 155mph. On a single charge, the Alpha5 can complete 300miles of range. The battery capacity is 100kWh.

In conclusion, the Delorean Alpha5 is an incredible achievement in terms of design and performance. In addition, the car sets a new benchmark in the electric sports car industry.

Image Courtesy: Delorean

Watch Delorean Alpha5 In Action:

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