Volvo I-Torque: Most Efficient Powertrain Is Here

Volvo I-Torque

Best-In-Class Fuel Efficiency: Volvo I-Torque

Volvo, a Swedish automotive giant, recently developed a new fuel-efficient powertrain, Volvo I-Torque. It’s an industry breakthrough innovation in power train technology. The I-Torque archives best-in-class fuel efficiency without compromising drivability, performance, and productivity.


Furthermore, the I-Torque is a unique solution that increases the fuel-efficient speed range of the truck. As a result, the truck operates optimally, upto a 31% increase in fuel-efficient speed range. As a result, the truck with Volvo I-Torque can achieve 8.5 miles per gallon at a speed of 85mph.

In addition, the I-Torque works with an adaptive gear shift strategy, map-based predictive cruise control I-See. An overdrive feature and incredibly low rear axle ratios as low as 2.15 also help.

How Does Volvo I-Torque Work?

First of all, Volvo I-Torque comes with a Volvo D13 TC engine. In addition, the engine comes with fully optimized turbo compound technology. Furthermore, the new industry-leading I-shift transmission allows the implementation of the Volvo I-See.

I-Torque & I-See
I-Torque & I-See

The Volvo I-See incorporates map-based real-time road topography that works with I-Shift. As a result, the technology manages truck speed and gear shifts in the most fuel-efficient manner. In addition, this technology can adapt to any route and any terrain.

Furthermore, the Volvo I-See knows the oncoming hill. Thus, the truck automatically downshifts and remains in that gear till the climb ends. Finally, Volvo I-Torque prevents gear changes in the middle of ascents. Hence, your climbs become much smoother as well as fuel-efficient.

In addition, downhill I-See prevents unnecessary acceleration and saves fuel. I-See can also disengage engine brakes and power train whenever necessary. The system knows where the slope ends and starts next. Accordingly, it applies brakes and provides max fuel efficiency.

If an uphill starts again, the I-See allows building speed and momentum for an effortless next climb. So, it’s a powerful combination of power, efficiency, and intelligence. The overdrive addition also provides better performance. The low rear axle ratio offers more torque at low RPMs. Low RPMs reduce engine noise and vibrations. Thus, it enhances productivity and driveability.


The Volvo I-Torque gives immediate results when it comes to efficiency. As global oil prices keep rising, profitability is a crucial challenge for transporters. I Torque can address this challenge effectively.

In addition, it also boosts customers’ productivity and savings. The optimal gear shifts also reduce the carbon footprint of the truck drastically. The use of this technology also gives a competitive advantage to transporters.

Furthermore, the dynamic power train combination gives a more responsive, powerful drive. It also maximizes driveability. Dynamic power train also reduces cabin sounds. As a result, you get quiet cabins along with best-in-class fuel efficiency.

In conclusion, Volvo I-Torque is setting up a new Industry benchmark in efficiency. The combination of predictive cruise control I-See and I-Torque provides class-leading fuel efficiency.

Image Courtesy: Volvo

Watch Volvo I-Torque in action:

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