Alpha Jax

Alpha JAX: The All-new electric CUV is here

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Next phase in electric mobility Alpha JAX

Alpha motor company is an American electric vehicle manufacturer from Irvine, California. The company will be releasing a new lineup in 2021. One of the recent releases from the company is Alpha Jax.

Alpha Jax Side View
Alpha Jax Side View

Furthermore, the company focuses on renewable electric vehicles that run on a proprietary modular platform. The Alpha motor company has a clear mission - accelerate innovation for humanity. So, this is an initiative to responsibly design, engineer, and manufacture consumer-friendly electric vehicles. Hence, the mission, move humanity with pure electric vehicle innovation. The recent Alpha Jax symbolizes the company's mission statement more undoubtedly.

Besides, The name Alpha represents the company's vision to bring a new start and a better future by innovation. Hence, it's a new approach to accelerate innovation for the betterment of humans.

The Alpha is clearly focusing on the interests of businesses and individuals. It is also designing the vehicle based on the current needs of consumers. So, it takes into consideration three dynamics to bring the change. The first one is a purposeful footprint, the second one is accessibility, and the last one is compatibility.

Besides, the real legacy of the company lies in its 100 years of combined automotive experience. The Alpha's legacy stands on three pillars. The first one is desirability, the second one is performance, and the third one is optimization.

JAX electric CUV

First of all, the Alpha JAX is a crossover utility vehicle. The term JAX stands for Junior All-terrain Crossover (X). It is a fun electric vehicle with a seating capacity of four. It is a versatile all-road performer with clean power and durability. The Alpha JAX has four-wheel-drive and front-wheel drive options. The JAX also has a towing capacity of 839 kg.

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