Bolt EUV

Bolt EUV: Here is why it will change the EV scene

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2022 Chevrolet Bolt EUV

Chevy is a subdivision of American car manufacturer General Motors. GM is soon gearing up in the EV market. Most of the world is soon going electric, and that trend seems to continue in upcoming years. The Bolt EUV is the upcoming model from Chevrolet. It's a fully electric SUV, or we can say EUV (Electric Utility Vehicle).

EUV exteriors
EUV exteriors

Furthermore, the Bolt EUV comes with Bold styling with roomy and airy interiors. Besides, it looks bright and sleek and will surely match upcoming design trends in electric vehicles.

The Design

Furthermore, Bolt EUV has all-new looks with sculpted exteriors. The LED lighting and sequential turn signals will definitely attract you inside. The premium interiors with spacious cabin make you comfortable. Also, it comes with a seating capacity of five.

Bolt EUV Interiors
Bolt EUV Interiors

Besides, the heated and ventilated seats along with sunroof make your every journey enjoyable. 39.1" rear legroom make long journeys more comfortable and enjoyable.

Range & Charging

The Bolt EUV comes with 250 miles of range. So, it will be worry-free driving. The regen on-demand feature allows you to restore energy with the pull of a button. The one-pedal driving feature allows you to capture energy by using the accelerator pedal to increase the speed and slow down. Also, the energy assist feature helps you to calculate the most efficient route in real-time.

Furthermore, charging the Bolt EUV will be really a piece of cake. It can easily fit in your routine, just like a cell phone. The charging cord has a dual plug that can help you to select between two charging levels. The company is planning to give a Level 2 charging solution right where people want it. So, people can experience faster charging at home. This helps the entire ecosystem more reliable and convenient.

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