Bosch automated valet parking is here & its wow!

Bosch automated valet parking

Driverless parking service by Bosch

Bosch is a German technology and engineering company. It recently unveiled Bosch automated valet parking. It is a new age smart parking system that doesn’t require a driver.

automated valet parking
automated valet parking

Furthermore, it is the world’s first system that eases the search for parking space. In addition, it also parks on its own and doesn’t require the driver to park the vehicle. You have to simply drop the vehicle at the drop-off location and get out of the vehicle. Then the system takes control of the vehicle and parks it at available parking space on its own.

In addition, Bosch automated valet parking requires smart Bosch infrastructure. The infrastructure then communicates with existing vehicle technology and drives the vehicle to nearby parking spaces. So, the system offers a new and delightful way to park the vehicle. It’s altogether a different experience. The system also has numerous benefits for parking facility operators. First of all, they can simply utilize parking capacity optimally. Parking facility operators can also offer new services.

How does Bosch automated valet parking work?

The fully automated valet parking system handles the entire parking process on its own. The first and foremost important part of this technology is the interaction between smart infrastructure and vehicle technology. Once the vehicle enters the parking garage the smart infrastructure checks the vehicle for the availability of automated valet parking. Once it knows the vehicle is enabled for automated valet parking, it allows the vehicle to enter the garage.

Furthermore, once it enters inside the garage then the driver has to stop the vehicle at the drop-off space. Then the driver has to get out of the vehicle and activate the service thru’ the smartphone. Then the valet parking system takes control of the vehicle and continuously communicates with the vehicle. The cameras then guide the vehicle to available parking space. The installed cameras identify vacant parking spaces. They also monitor the vehicle path and its surroundings.

The technology in the vehicle receives commands from smart infrastructure and maneuver the vehicle accordingly. As soon as the system detects any obstacle coming in its path, it automatically stops the vehicle immediately. The smart infrastructure can successfully park the vehicle in tight parking spaces. This ultimately saves space. Furthermore, the Bosch automated valet parking system can offer additional services like automated charging, and washing, etc. When the driver wants to leave, s/he can simply activate service thru’ the smartphone. The smart infrastructure then guides the vehicle to a pick-up zone.

The system automatically charges the owner once the vehicle leaves the parking space. The Bosch automated valet parking includes stereo cameras, cloud back-end, parking garage server, and connectivity hardware. The communication between smart infrastructure and vehicle technology enables manual vehicles to be driven in the same parking space.

Vehicle requirements

The Bosch automated valet parking requires few technologies in the vehicles to be parked. They include ESP, automatic transmission, electric parking brake, start/stop function, and an electric power steering system and a communication unit. Once these systems are present in the vehicle, the vehicle owner can use automated valet parking.

Advantages of Bosch automated valet parking

First of all, convenience is the most important advantage as it completely avoids hassles of parking maneuvers. In addition, we can use that time for additional work like washing or charging the vehicle. The efficiency is another advantage as it saves lots of time. Parking automation utilizes the full potential of existing space and hence we can park more vehicles in the same area.

Furthermore, we can start work calmly as it avoids search for the parking space and hectic maneuvers. It also avoids accidents during parking like denting or scraping. The automated parking also parks the vehicle in tight parking spaces and it also utilizes less appealing areas like corners or lower parking levels. Hence, it can park more vehicles in the same area.

In addition, the parking operator can make its offering more attractive by just improving the parking experience. The operator can also provide additional services like electric car charging or car washing etc. Sensor technology in the system detects obstacles and humans. The vehicle comes to a complete halt when it detects an object. So, it is safe for pedestrians inside the building.

Bosch automated valet parking opens up possibilities of new business models that grow and flourish. It also ensures customer satisfaction up to the mark in the entire parking experience. The value addition makes it an attractive investment option for parking operators. It also ensures the returning of customers in the long run due to amazing customer experience. In conclusion, it is altogether a different and exclusive parking experience as a whole.

Image courtesy: Bosch

Watch Bosch automated valet parking in action

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