E-Trio: Now Sustainable EVs For All.

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E-Trio: Affordable electric mobility for all.

The E-Trio is an Indian startup that provides electric car conversion technology. The startup clearly aims at creating a game-changing ecosystem for everyone.

E-Trio Chassis
E-Trio Chassis

So, basically it's a company that aims to have the widest range of EVs. In addition, the company also wants to make electric mobility accessible and affordable to everyone in India.

The transformation from traditional mobility to electric mobility brings enormous change. It will change the environment, businesses and life of everyone.

E-Trio Overview

The startup mainly aims to convert traditional gasoline vehicles into electric ones. This will reduce the carbon footprint. It will also reduce pollution, traffic, noise, and waste.

In addition, the conversion will largely reduce the cost of transport, benefiting businesses. Besides, it will bring efficiency and sustainability in transporting goods. Ultimately, it will transform livelihood across all segments of society as a whole. Technology

First of all, E-Trio provides vehicle retro-fitment kits. The startup has deep technical expertise and diverse teams in production lines. The technical expertise ranges from battery assembly & packing, connected systems, system architecture, power-train design & vehicle integration. It also provides turnkey and high-performance solutions across various platforms.

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