BMW iX Flow: The Color Changing Car Is Now Real

BMW iX Flow

The Magical Color Change With BMW iX Flow Featuring E Ink

Have you ever wished about color changing car? It’s magical, right? You push the button, and the car automatically changes its exterior color. Even it will also suit your mood and driving style. Yes, it’s possible now with BMW iX Flow E Ink technology.

iX Flow
iX Flow

BMW iX Flow with E Ink is a new technology that will change the car’s body surface color. Thanks to electrophoretic technology. The current digitization and integrated technology are delivering a great user experience for the interior of the cars — the car’s interior changes as your mood changes. BMW is trying to give the same experience to its users for the exteriors.

Furthermore, at CES 2022, BMW reveals new technology to use digitization for the exterior. So, the cars can change their color according to your mood and driving style. For example, the surface of the BMW iX Flow with E Ink can transform the shade of the exterior surface as per the driver’s wish.

The real and virtual world will mold together. With the BMW iX Flow we are bringing car body to life.

Frank Weber, Member of the board of management BMW AG.

BMW iX Flow & Technology

The new color-changing technology changes its colors with the specially designed and developed body wrap. So, this body wrap is nothing but the laminated electrophoretic film containing microcapsules. The microcapsule has a diameter of human hair.

Furthermore, each capsule contains differently charged white, black, or colored particles. When we apply an electric field, these particles become visible. So, you can create different colors or shades according to your wishes. Therefore, this laminate is nothing but Electronic Paper Display (EPD).

In addition, the E Ink contains millions of microcapsules. Each microcapsule has negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. Furthermore, the stimulation by the electric field results in the accumulation of white or black particles on the surface of the microcapsules. Thus, the body of the car gets the shade of your desire.

Innovative E Ink Technology

The new E Ink technology opens up new doors in car customization. For example, the driver can change the car’s exterior color with their preferences. They can also change the color of the vehicle according to functional requirements or even according to environmental conditions.

E Ink
E Ink

The new development in exterior car color customization in BMW iX Flow brings up a new customization form. So, now you can have a unique aesthetic experience, inside and outside of the car.

Furthermore, even today choice of the car’s color defines the owner’s personality. Some people want a sporty color combination, and some want soothing colors. Few only need elegance. Hence, this technology will provide a lot of freedom regarding aesthetics.

Efficiency And Variable Exterior Colors

In BMW iX Flow, variable colors can effectively contribute to increasing efficiency. It is because different colors absorb and deflect sunlight very differently. The color also correlates to the absorption of thermal energy. For example, white color reflects sunlight very efficiently while black doesn’t.

Furthermore, the absorption of sunlight directly affects thermal efficiency. It is because vehicles with light colors need less cooling than dark-colored vehicles. More temperature control increases the use of air conditioning. Hence, it will require more energy, increasing fuel use and affecting fuel efficiency.

In addition, in an all-electric car changing color patterns will be very useful to increase the range of the vehicle. Thus, changing color as per weather can increase efficiency in electric vehicles. The electrophoretic technology is highly energy efficient. It doesn’t need the energy to keep the color state constant. It only consumes energy during the short color-changing phase.

In conclusion, The BMW iX Flow with E Ink technology has immense potential in the future. It brings lots of customization options to the user. This technology will radically change how we select cars and their aesthetics.

Image Courtesy: BMW

Watch BMW iX Flow In Action:

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