Self cleaning car? Tired of washing your car?

Nissan Self cleaning car

Nisan self-cleaning car

Everybody loves to use a clean and spotless vehicle. However, very few are ready to take the pains of cleaning it every day. If you are the one who dislike the task of car-wash, then there is good news for you. The Japanese car giant Nissan has developed a prototype vehicle called Nisan self-cleaning car. This car has the ability to clean itself on its own. So, you would be driving an ‘always clean’ car soon!

Nissan’s hatchback ‘Note’ is the car depicted in the above picture. It is set to become ‘world’s first self cleaning car’, The car is currently under test at company’s test facility in Europe. The ability to clean itself is because of the special type of paint developed by UltraTech International, a Florida based company. The company specializes in development and production of environmentally compliant products. Besides, Nissan is the first carmaker to employ the same.

Furthermore, UltraTech and Nissan use “Ultra-Ever dry” nomenclature to distinguish this product. Ultra-Ever dry paint is superhydrophobic and oleophobic in nature. It means that the paint os self cleaning car resists water and oils of almost every type. The exact functioning of this paint is still ambiguous. However, many believe that it forms a layer of air between the surface of application and outer atmosphere. Thus, it repels everything falling on the surface.

Nissan-Note Test vehicle
Nissan Note- Test Vehicle with one half painted with ‘Ultra-Ever Dry’

How this technology works?

At the core, this technology uses ‘Nano patterning’. When you apply a coating of this paint, it forms a pattern of tiny bumps and grooves on that surface of the self cleaning car. Thus, the water and oils can roll down the surface. In a nutshell, it is an application of Nano-technology which the scientists recently developed. The domain of application is very wide. It encompasses everything from clothes and shoes to heavy machinery employed in powerplants.

Till date, this paint is quite useful against rainwater, mud, diesel and other oily substances like grease. The testing phase is in the continuation. The company has no plans to offer it as a standard feature on the car. However, the organization is positive about offering it as an aftermarket solution. In addition to the aforesaid aesthetic benefits, other advantages of this self cleaning car are many. They include saving the precious water reserves which we otherwise waste in washing cars. Thus, it results in cost savings.

In order to become commercially viable and successful, the cost of this paint and its service life will play a key role. However, unfortunately, we still do not know the exact data about these factors. Considering the success rate of innovations in Nano-technology, it seems that this idea will click very well!

Watch how self-cleaning car works:

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