What you must know about Johammer J1?

Johammer J1 electric bike

Johammer J1 electric bike

Wondering about the antic bike depicted in the above picture? Hold on..hold on for a second. It is not the vehicle of aliens from ‘Men in black’ but is the first series production electric bike to have a range of 200km on a single charge, known as Johammer J1!

Johammer J1 electric bike belongs to an Austrian company named ‘Johammer e-mobility GmbH’. Their innovative techniques made this masterpiece. It achieves a range of 200kms on a single charge- a rare capability possessed by only a few!

What is inside Johammer J1 electric bike?

Beneath the upper skin, lies the below shown muscular chassis:

Figure 1- Chassis Frame (Courtesy- Johammer e-mobility GmbH)

The sole source of energy of this bike i.e. the battery pack sits on the torsion stiff middle portion made of aluminum. In addition to the Lithium-ion air cooled battery-pack, this middle frame also holds the spring dampers. A brushless AC motor rated 11kW which is mounted in the rear wheel hub sets this bike in motion. However, the bike has an electrically limited top speed of 120km/hr. The specially designed twofold frame at the front end offers extra stability during braking.

You would be surprised to know that there are no conventional gauges like speedometer and battery indicator in Johammer J1. Instead, the rearview mirror having a 2.4-inch display integrates these controls into itself.

Figure 2- Rear view mirror (Courtesy- Johammer e-mobility GmbH)

Similar to the conventional gauges, this bike doesn’t feature any foot pedal control. The two sets of foot pegs allow the rider to select the riding position of his/her choice.

Figure 3- Footpegs (Courtesy- Johammer e-mobility GmbH)

Furthermore, Based on the range of batteries, Johammer J1 is available in two versions J1.150 and J1.200 that are capable of covering 150kms and 200kms respectively. At present, both these versions are available in five different colors, that are- Silver, White, Blue, Yellow & Green.

In conclusion, Considering the progress manifested by Johammer J1 in the field of electric motorbikes, it seems that the era of high-speed electric bikes has dawned!

Watch Johammer J1 electric bike in action:

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