Aznom Palladium: Travel All-Terrain With Elegance

Aznom Palladium

All-terrain luxury Limousine Aznom Palladium

Aznom is an Italian design and manufacturing company giving brands unique identity. For example, the company recently developed an all-terrain luxury limousine, Aznom Palladium.


Furthermore, the brand firmly believes in unconventional appearance and uniqueness. As a result, the Palladium has the versatility as an SUV and the elegance of a Limousine. The combination of both gives the best of both worlds—an unmatched all-terrain capability and a saloon car’s luxuries.

So, from a design perspective, it’s a hyper limousine. It’s a great mix of luxury, customization, and strength. The company wants to give a traditional hand-made coach-building experience to its customers. Hence, every car on a shop floor is a custom-built unit and tailor-made as per the client’s requirement.


The Aznom Palladium has a unique design starting from its dimensions. The vehicle’s height is just 2 meters, while the length is almost 6 meters. So, it fits well in the limousine realm. Additionally, a non-conventional appearance gives a powerful image along with mechanical strength.

We manufacture these vehicles by choosing artisanal manufacturing techniques which are lost today such as hand crafting the body of the car and panel beating.

Marcello Meregalli, Founder Aznom.

The horizontal lines on the exterior brake at the classic fender of the rear. The manufacturer treats the front and back of the car like the rough gems inside the harmonious shape with smooth and constant surfaces. The car’s rear is more like a coupe and gets modern at the lights.

Furthermore, the single horizontal light source spans the Aznom Palladium’s entire width. As a result, the rear fascia highlights the car’s name. The rear bumper also enriches its presence by the rear diffuser and exhaust.

Palladium Interiors
Palladium Interiors

In addition, the large rear seats and hidden drawer provide ample room for amenities. The seats also ensure highly comfortable seating. The front area of the driver is genuinely immersive without compromising his ability to control the vehicle. The dashboard and door panels follow the pattern of colors and materials with enrichment of solid aluminum.

Aznom Palladium Rear
Aznom Palladium Rear


The Aznom palladium comes with a powerful 710Hp, 5.7 liters bi-turbo engine. Besides, it is compatible with Euro 6 emission standards. Moreover, the engine produces a staggering 950Nm of Torque.

Furthermore, the eight-speed gearbox and RWD and AWD provide smooth power delivery. The electronic autolocking differential offers superb handling. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. The max speed is limited to 210km/h. Additionally, the curb weight is 2650kg. The Palladium comes with 621 liters of trunk space.

In conclusion, the Aznom palladium is an excellent combination of luxury, agility, and power. But, on top of it, the sheer elegance takes it to the next level.

Image Courtesy: Aznom

Watch Aznom Palladium In Action:

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