WiPEY helmet wiper is so damn cool

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WiPEY an electric wiper for any helmet

WiPEY is a small electric wiper that fits on all helmet visors. So it makes rides safe in rains. It's extremely small in size. The batteries weigh 55 grams only. WiPEY is a good combination of efficiency, size, and safety. So its an ideal companion in those rainy day rides.

WiPEY on Helmet
WiPEY on helmet

The safety is a major concern in heavy rains for the rider. Every rider loves wide open roads with dark blue skies while he or she hops on a motorcycle. However, this ideal situation won't happen every day and you may face the rain right from the beginning of your ride.

Furthermore, riding in the rain is also dangerous. The roads are slippery and heavy rains affect visibility. In addition, bad road conditions, rains and night is a deadly mix for the rider. Rider in such a situation is prone to accidents. So, wiper on motorcycle visor comes handy. Until now, helmets have coatings on the visor or we have products like finger wiper to tackle the rain. WiPEY takes this to another level.

One second and you are ready to go

Its very simple to attach and detach the WiPEY as it only takes a second. Mainly, it is 50% smaller than action cam which makes it handy. In addition, it is aerodynamic in shape. So, it doesn't interfere with the air flowing around helmet visor.

You have to just slide your WiPEY on to plastic linear guides permanently fixed on helmet visor. In addition, there is a spring-loaded safety pin. So, it will not fall off accidentally even at high speed.

Furthermore, if you want to detach WiPEY, you need to just press the safety pin and it will slide off the guides. So, attaching and detaching the WiPEY takes only a second.

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