The Vision EQ Silver Arrow by Mercedes

Vision EQ Silver Arrow

MB Vision EQ Silver Arrow: Future of Design is here

Mercedes Benz, a German Luxury car maker, unveiled a show car during Monterey car week in 2018. The Vision EQ Silver Arrow pays homage to the record-breaking W 125 car from 1937.

MB Vision EQ Silver Arrow
MB Vision EQ Silver Arrow

Furthermore, the Alubeam silver paintwork on a new car reminds the typical silver paintwork on the historic silver arrow. The silver colour is specifically for weight reasons. The interiors are dominated by high-quality materials, including polished aluminum and genuine leather.

In addition, the digital cockpit takes you directly into the future. The panoramic curvy screen in the cockpit with back projection looks a class apart. Likewise, the steering wheel’s touchscreen is just ahead of its time.

The exterior

The straightforward, seamless design is very brand specific. We can see the sensual purity in almost every part of the car. The detailing on this car is just mind-blowing, and it’s a typical Mercedes.

EQ Silver Arrow top view
EQ Silver Arrow top view

In addition, the sporty silhouette is approximately 5.3 meters long and very streamlined. Therefore, this one-seater’s sensual and slender looks fit its design philosophy.

Furthermore, The show car body structure is entirely made up of carbon fiber. The alubeam silver paintwork appears like liquid metal on the top. This concept represents the design polar opposite of hot and cool.

The carbon fiber functional attachments, like the front splitter, are damn cool. The continuous lighting strip at the front acts as a display. The side skirts also feature EQ lettering that illuminates blue. It is a typical characteristic of the brand.

Furthermore, the additional characteristics include the driver’s cockpit that folds forward. The free-standing multi-spoke wheels are another highlight, with nonrotating hub caps adding to the innovative design.

The lightweight aluminum, 168 spokes per wheel with rose gold colour, paint scheme are typical for EQ. The two extendable rear spoilers also act as an air brake. They reduce the speed of the car by increasing wind resistance.


The Vision EQ Silver Arrow features a blend of tradition and modernity. The Silver Arrow focuses clearly on progressive luxury. This design philosophy typically combines timeless aesthetics with a futuristic vision.

Vision EQ Silver Arrow Interiors
Vision EQ Silver Arrow Interiors

Furthermore, as the cockpit folds forward, it provides a view of wider interiors. The saddle brown genuine leather on the steering wheels and seats represents traditional high-quality materials. The polished aluminum throughout the interiors makes it a class apart. The solid walnut wood flooring with darker pinstripes adds real luxury.

In addition, the large panoramic screen at the front shows a 3D image of the surrounding that projects on the screen from behind. So, if a certain road lane has inductive charging, it will show up automatically on the screen. You can also play a virtual race with Silver Arrow racing cars using AI. All this happens on the screen with virtual race tracks and ghost cars projected directly on the screen.

Vision EQ Silver Arrow Specs

The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is a completely electric vehicle. The output of this car is 550kW(750ps). The thin battery in the underbody of the vehicle has a capacity of approx 80 kWh. In one charge, Silver Arrow can cover a distance of 400kms. The side air vents help to cool down the battery.

In conclusion, The Vision EQ Silver Arrow is based on the 1937 W125 twelve-cylinder record car by Mercedes Benz. The vision EQ Silver Arrow truly pays real tribute to this record-breaking Legend of all times.

Watch Vision EQ Silver Arrow in action:

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