TVS IntelliGO: What you need to know?

TVS Intelligo

What Is TVS IntelliGo Technology?


New Powerful 125cc Engine:

The all-new powerful 125cc engine with ETFi technology & TVS IntelliGO technology makes you experience power & smoothness. Besides, iTOUCH start provides a silent & reliable instant start without the cranking noise. Thus, making it ideal for repeated starts in Stop-Go traffic conditions.

TVS 125cc Engine
TVS 125cc Engine

The company employed this technology in the TVS Jupiter scooter. The Jupiter 125 offers 15% more mileage with ETFi (Eco Thrust Fuel Injection) system and IntelliGO technology. Besides, the BSVI-compliant Eco Thrust Fuel Injection technology delivers 15% more mileage. Also, it gives superior ride quality & improved durability, according to TVS Motors.

TVS IntelliGO Technology:

This technology enhances fuel efficiency. It does so by automatically switching off the engine at traffic signals & transient stops. You just need to apply the brakes and rev up. Then, you are ready to go.

TVS Intelligo
TVS Intelligo

Intelligent Mileage Indicators:

TVS Motors provide intelligent mileage alerts. These include average fuel consumption, Instant fuel efficiency. Besides, it also shows distance to empty, ECO & Power modes, etc. It helps you to optimize the ride & get the best mileage from your scooter.  

Thus, TVS Motors introduced user-friendly features on its scooter with TVS IntelliGO. These technologies help you achieve better mileage & performance from your scooter. It also helps you to optimize the ride quality & improve durability.

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